Steel vs. Concrete: Which Comes Out on Top

You need to make vital decisions in construction projects. One of the most important decisions that you need to make is to select the most useful resources.  You must assess the benefits of steel and concrete and understand which one will prove beneficial in a project. Steel bar Brisbane provides top-quality steel for your projects. A huge majority of steel produced today is obtained from recycled materials. The recycling process helps in reducing costs compared to other materials. Meanwhile, the major benefit of concrete is that its cost remains consistent whereas the price of steel may end up fluctuating, but overall it it is less costly than reinforced concrete.

Let us compare the two:


When it comes to structural steel, it has emerged to be highly powerful, ductile, and robust. These qualities have made it one of the most popular materials in commercial and industrial construction projects. You can get steel reinforcing mesh Brisbane at an economical price point. Meanwhile, concrete is a composite material that may include sand, gravel, and water; it offers high compressive strength but falls in tensile strength. Concrete needs to be reinforced with steel rebar in a bid to enhance the structure’s tensile capacity and elasticity.

Resistance from fire:

Steel has emerged to be an integrally non-combustible material however, when it is heated at high temperatures, its power may decline. Therefore, it must be covered with fire-resistant materials to enhance its safety. On the other hand, Concrete has emerged to be highly fire-resistant as a result of its unique composition. When concrete is used for building construction projects, many other components used in the project may not be fire-resistant. Therefore, experts must take all precautions to eliminate complications of various kinds within the entire structure.


It is worth noting that structural steel is entirely recyclable and a major portion of structural steel is established from recycled steel. Amid its strong lifespan, steel can be used and adapted several times and, you will not compromise with structural integrity. Structural steel causes the least environmental impact while manufacturing, fabricating, and treating. Elements in concrete are natural to the environment. You can crush concrete and use it in future mixtures and this kind of recycling will bring down the presence of concrete in landfills. Buy top quality mesh reinforcement Brisbane from reliable suppliers at cost-effective prices.


Steel has emerged to be a highly flexible material. You can get it fabricated in a vast array of designs for various applications. The strength-to-weight ratio of steel tends to be really high when compared with other economical building materials. It also provides varied artistic alternatives. Concrete may be moulded into various shapes, but, it suffers from some shortcomings pertaining to the floor to floor construction heights, long and open spans.


You must weigh your options carefully when you begin a construction project. You must obtain top quality concrete from leading suppliers at concrete delivery Brisbane. Steel may corrode when it comes in contact with water and, if left without adequate care, you may compromise with the safety and security of the structure. Reinforced concrete offers high resistance against water and will not corrode.

Three Major Benefits of a Reinforced Concrete Slab that you Cannot Overlook

Concrete has got excellent compressive strength. Leading experts at concrete suppliers Brisbane say that concrete slabs must be reinforced with either rebar or re-mesh. It is worth noting that concrete’s tensile strength is not that high compared to its compressive strength. It is extremely tough to crush concrete. However, it is not difficult to pull it apart. Concrete slabs offer stunning thermal comfort and long a life to any structure. Flooring that includes bars and mesh will go a long way in boosting bonding with concrete. The concrete reinforcing mesh can also bring down concrete cracking due to shrinkage.

Here are some of the major benefits of a concrete slab:

1. High compressive strength:

The presence of sand and crushed rock in concrete offers compressive power. The availability of sand and rock in concrete prove useful in supporting a huge amount of weight. It is worth noting that harder the rock and higher the rock in the mix ratio, the more powerful the compressive strength of concrete is. The usual mix ratio is four to one i.e. four portions of crushed rock and two portions of sand and one portion of cement. You may adjust the ratio to provide a higher compressive power. You can obtain high-quality concrete and other components from leading steel suppliers Brisbane.

2. Tensile strength:

Reinforced concrete slabs have become significant because it is not the compressive integrity of a slab that may fail first. It is the tensile resistance that may give way. The slabs tend to break and crack due to the poor tensile resistance of concrete. The availability of rocks and sand in concrete provides strong compressive power. All the tensile power of concrete is generated from cement. The tensile strength can be described as material’s adherence strength. However, just like glue, cement can be pulled apart; bending and torsion play the role of testing the tensile power of concrete. You must carefully obtain top quality reinforcing mesh Brisbane from renowned suppliers.

3. Durability:

A concrete slab offers a high life span with effective reinforcement. It implies that concrete must be compacted so that no gap or porous areas are left within the slab. It can also help in bringing down the risk of concrete rupturing. You can also help in enhancing the concrete slab life with effective foundation preparation and by adding an adequate amount of water. Be careful about the quantity of water as an excess amount may cause cracking and weakening of the entire slab. Take good care of the concrete installation and follow the timelines so that it achieves desired strength before any load is placed.


Reinforced concrete offers several benefits. You should purchase premix concrete Brisbane from leading suppliers who promise quality. Top-quality concrete can set, harden, and secure its power at regular room temperature. The reason behind this is that cement has emerged as a low temperature bonded inorganic material.