Steps to Consider when Reinforcing Concrete Slabs with Wire Mesh

Whenever there’s a need to make concrete slabs, it’s necessary to use a welded wire mesh. While this wire mesh is an alternative to reinforced steel rods, it prevents cracking of concrete in the future. According to concrete suppliers Brisbane, it’s better to reinforce wire mesh so that it settles at an appropriate height once it has been poured. So, if you are unaware of how to reinforce concrete slabs, then read ahead to learn more about the steps.

Step 1

As soon as you start, you have to carefully place the slab runners for supporting the wire mesh. The slab runners play a better role in elevated concrete pours. With every runner being 4 feet long, you should take care of placing the runners. Ideally, you have to maintain a distance of 3 ½ feet between two consecutive runners.

Step 2

Now, you have to place the first sheet of mesh just above the slab runners. In case it’s a slab on grade, then you can place the mesh on the ground. You should start off from the corner so that you can maintain sufficient clearance. Do keep in mind that the metal should not be in contact with the edge of the poured concrete. This would certainly help because it actually prevents the chances of the exterior getting affected due to rust. If quality is the prime concern, then you can try out premix concrete Brisbane.

Step 3

Now, you need to place the next sheet right above the first sheet of wire mesh. At this instance, you have to place the wire mesh one and a half squares away, letting every sheet to overlap the other 1 ½ squares; it’s essential to apply some pressure on the second sheet and force it down. You should make sure that the second sheet is perfectly resting on the slab runners. In order to be accurate with the overlapping technique, you might have to adjust the second sheet a bit later.

Step 4

Soon after placing the wire mesh, you have to tie the sheets all at once. With the help of Linesman pliers, you have to tie the corners and tie the centre of the overlapping sheets as well. Way ahead, you need to be sure that the ties have brought two sheets closer. As you proceed with placing the wire mesh, continue tying it till the slab has been covered completely. If you wish to save money, then you could get in touch with suppliers and check out concrete prices Brisbane.

Step 5

Subsequently, you have to lift up the entire mesh at a suitable height from the slab. In case you have placed the slab runners on the ground, then you don’t have to follow this step. Moreover, you have to place 2×2 concrete bricks just beneath the wire mesh. As you work towards supporting the mesh, you should place the bricks at least at a distance of 4 feet.

Finally, before reinforcing the concrete slab, you should check whether the mesh is designed for construction projects. You should also check for the dimensions and size depending on the area that needs to be reinforced. If you don’t know what to purchase, then feel free to research online. This would give you a fair idea about the size along with the price. While you procure supreme quality steel reinforcing mesh Brisbane from the market, just be sure that the material is galvanised.

Tips for Pouring Concrete in Different Seasons

Whenever you need to pour concrete at the worksite, you need to be careful. With the site being busy with activity, you need to plan out and ensure that the concrete covers the area properly. But, with the change in the seasons across the year, pouring concrete can tend to be a big challenge. So, with this in mind, let’s go through some tips for pouring concrete during different seasons of the year.

Tips for pouring concrete during winter

  • As the winter season sets in, the outdoor temperature is likely to fall. Before you plan to pour concrete, check the weather because it is best to do it on warmer days. As you observe the weather forecast, you could schedule the task accordingly.
  • In winter, concrete is bound to freeze due to the cold surface. So, to mitigate the risk of quick cooling, you have to use heater blankets or heaters. As you prep the surface, you are then able to gain control over certain reactions.
  • Using quick-set cement is yet another tip to consider when pouring concrete. Even though this cement sets at a slow pace, it will harden quicker than traditional cement. But, on the other hand, if you wish to enhance the set time, you could mix some additives.

Tips for pouring concrete during summer

  • Just like it’s in the winter season, you may face problems in the summer season as well. Owing to the intense heat, concrete tends to set quickly. So for pouring concrete in summer, you should carry out the task early in the morning.
  • In the case that the climatic condition is unbearable, then you might think about adding some cold water to the concrete mix. This helps to maintain the temperature and keep it around 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to know more about steel reinforcing rods or bars, then feel free to contact steel suppliers Brisbane.
  • If it’s necessary to pour concrete across an area under intense sunlight, then you have to cover the region. This helps in creating a better environment for the concrete to set effectively. Alternatively, you could think about spraying cold water over the area before you pour the concrete. As the surface water would be evaporating due to the heat, this tip would help you to maintain the constitution of the concrete.

Finally, whenever it starts raining, it’s advisable to use concrete mixtures made as per the standards. To avoid the concrete from getting wet, you should never forget to cover the area with plastic sheets. Ideally, you should pour concrete when it’s not raining. Try out a reinforcing mesh Brisbane in case you wish to enhance the strength of the concrete slab.