Effective Tips to Prevent Concrete Cracks

Concrete Brisbane has already become a trustworthy, long-lasting, and cost-effective construction material. Despite possessing these qualities, concrete still remains vulnerable to several kinds of damage and one of the common of these is cracking. Cracks in concrete occur due to several factors. When concrete bears excessive weight, it may break concrete or shift the soil under the slab. Erosion can subsequently lead to cracking in concrete. It is also important to consider that not every kind of soil is perfect for working with concrete. The soil should not have any moisture and should be free from tree roots.

Here are some tips on how you can prevent concrete cracks:

1. Bring down water content in concrete

When there is a low water to cement ratio, it will improve the quality of concrete. The ratio can is the weight of water to the weight of cement used. When there is a low water to cement ratio, it will lead to strong strength in concrete and reduced cracks. It is ideal to maintain less water content as it will boost the robustness of concrete. Concrete tends to expand and shrink as temperatures change. The major tendency of concrete is to shrink. Shrinkage has emerged as the root cause of cracks in concrete. As concrete begins to harden, it will evaporate excess water and shrink. Therefore, if the water content is low, shrinkage will also remain low. You should remain aware of the concrete prices Brisbane.

2. Effective curing of concrete

It is imperative to prevent the fast loss of water from surface or concrete drying as it may cause excess drying of the slab. It is advised to cure the concrete slab for many days. You can cover the concrete slab with cotton mats soaked in water. You may also opt to spray on curing compound as it can effectively prevent water loss. Never subject concrete to heavy weights during the curing phase. The curing phase can last for up to a month. You must strengthen your concrete with the correct curing product. Curing agents can effectively produce smooth, flat, and long-lasting concrete floors.

3. Effective placement and vibration

If you have an effectively placed, vibrated, and finished concrete, it will diminish the possibilities of generating cracks. For the right placement and vibration, you should contact concrete suppliers Brisbane.

4. Effective compaction of soil

Proper compaction of soil is crucial to eliminate settlement cracks in concrete. The area of the concrete slab should be compacted as this will prevent settlement cracks in concrete later on. If you leave the soil loose, it will settle over time and may produce cracks on the surface. This is as applicable in home renovation as it is for construction on the highways.


The aforementioned tips will certainly go a long way in preventing concrete cracks. You can procure top quality steel from leading steel suppliers Brisbane at economical prices. You can avoid concrete cracks by selecting top quality cement mix that will react in the best way with accurate water content. And, the cement mix should contain a solid and dense aggregate to bring down shrinkage risk. You should avoid products that will include dirty aggregates and accelerators as they may enhance concrete shrinkage.

Tips to Use Steel Mesh Reinforced Concrete

Steel reinforced mesh is in demand these days and are being widely used in construction projects. These meshes play a high hand in strengthening the construction structure and shaping it in such a way that it can serve its purpose for years offering long-lasting services. The reinforcing mesh Brisbane enhances the integrity of the structures and also proves to be sturdy in the long run. So if you are someone who has stepped up to the construction profession or are on the verge of designing your own paradise, here are a few helpful tips for you:

Concrete and steel mesh combo

Mesh can be installed in concrete structures using a number of methods. One such method involves laying down the mesh over a premix concrete Brisbane layer. Another concrete layer is then used to cover the mesh creating a ‘sandwich’ which involves a concrete layer at top and bottom with a mesh layer in between the two. This method is usually done to provide strength to the structure, but it can cause issues in merging the two concrete layers. A better way out is to pour the concrete all at once with the mesh held in between making use of plastic support.

Right mesh

In order to strengthen the structure, choosing the right sort of mesh is of utmost importance. Be particular about the type, size, and amount required so that things fall at the right place.

Diffusion of forces

Reinforced mesh is capable of absorbing and distributing force over the structure. This aids in minimising any damage caused. To make reinforced mesh, you can lay down the steel bars in a lateral format over the areas where the tension force is maximum. But while positioning the mesh, ensure that it is uniformly placed with adequate spacing all through the concrete to enhance the strength of the constructed area.

Be smart about the mesh amount and cuts

Steel mesh does not require rocket science for its installation and is available in rolls and sheet formats. While the size of the latter is predefined and evenly cut, the former needs to be cut as per the needs and the area where it is to be reinforced.

Bending of bars

The steel bar ridges help in maintaining contact between the concrete and the mesh. But the mesh can slip owing to the high level of tension. In order to stop such slippage, consider bending the tips of the steel bar Brisbane  when they are inserted in the structure. This further builds a stronger foundation and also bonds the concrete effectively.


Now since you know a few handy tips while using reinforced mesh, what are you waiting for? Contact us to avail a wide range of mesh types and concrete delivery Brisbane. Ranging from rectangular to square-shaped, we have it all. Not only do we provide a diverse range of mesh and other staples for construction work, but we can supply you with quality goods to fit your requisite frame.