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Concrete Surface Repair: How, Why, and When

Concrete is one of the most durable construction materials. However, everyday wear and tear and extreme temperatures take a toll on concrete surfaces. When the concrete surfaces lose their ability to hold binding concrete materials together, the surface needs hardening. Although the concrete surface will remain functional, it will look bad and may have a […]

How Strong Winds Can Affect a Construction Project

Strong wind is one of the major threats to any construction project. Builders need to monitor the expected weather to determine if wind conditions are safe for the construction work. Besides personal observation, high-quality reinforcing mesharound your concrete construction project will protect the ongoing work from collapsing in case of strong winds. In this post, […]

Preparing for a Topping Slab

A concrete topping gives a finished floor surface a new look and increases its strength.  Ideally, concrete contractors will design the overlay top to provide a dense, abrasion-resistant floor surface. In addition, a concrete topping serves a multi-purpose use, which include supporting the traffic load in parking facilities or other heavy traffic areas. What is […]

Using admixtures to get concrete to do what you want

An admixture is an ingredient used in concrete preparation, modifying the premixed concrete to enhance specific properties like concrete workability, durability and strength. The admixtures added to concrete depend on theparticular application. Admixtures play different roles: Accelerating concrete setting time Reducing the segregation and water to cement ratio Improving pumpability and accelerate the rate of […]

What is the difference between polished concrete and decorative concrete surfaces?

One of the top flooring trends for commercial and residential spaces is concrete floors. Premixed concrete suppliers Brisbane provide a whole range of concrete types for both commercial or residential flooring. Popular choices available today are polished concrete and decorative concrete surfaces. What is the difference between polished concrete and decorative concrete? Polished concrete Polished […]

Understanding Slump

Slump refers to the measure of concrete fluidity and consistency, and it shows the flow and workability of premixed concrete. When mixing concrete, figuring out slump quality should be a priority because it directly affects the ease or difficulty of working with the concrete. It is essential to clearly understand slump, including what it is, […]

How to Lay Concrete Slabs Correctly

Concrete slabs are an important structural element of any building. Builders construct concrete slabs to createfunctional, flat surfaces. A concrete slab is usually several inches thick and can be supported by walls, columns, beams, or the ground. The primary function of the concrete slab is to transfer the load by bending in one or two […]

Dealing with Ambient Conditions When Placing Concrete Toppings

Placing aconcretetopping is a part of many construction projects. If a concrete placement is done under extreme weather conditions, there is no guarantee that the surface will last. Additionally, under some ambient conditions, the workers on the ground may be at a higher risk of incurring injuries. Injuries are especially concerning where the slab is […]