Concrete delivery, tools and general worksite etiquette

Trades on a worksite can have been on the job for a long time or only just started. But whether it’s the concrete delivery person or a first year apprentice chippie, everyone’s expected to follow the rules and regulations.


  • Show up on time

Clients, colleagues, and the work that’s getting done rely on the trades showing up on time. There’s horror stories out there from clients about their plumber/chipper/supplier not showing up at the agreed time.

Doing this on the worksite for a large project is a big mistake. Trades that rely on certain materials need them delivered on time. This is why pipe, timber, and concrete delivery is scheduled weeks in advance. The materials are delivered on time and the trades on site can get straight to work.


  • Don’t use what’s not yours

Trades need their tools. The concreters need their trowels and levellers, the carpenters need their hammers. If you forgot your toolbelt or left something behind, don’t just borrow someone else’s without asking.


  • Put things back

If you did borrow something and you’re finished with it, put it back where you found it so the  next person can use it. If you’re using a wheelbarrow to move the concrete delivery around the worksite, place it out of the way but easy enough to find. Communal tools like this normally live in one spot and it’s inconvenient when they go missing.


  • Follow the mandatory rules

On a worksite, the mandatory rules are essential for workplace health and safety. You can see what’s required on the sign at the front of the site. This includes wearing the right safety gear, such as earmuffs and hard hats.

Even if they’re not signed, following the unspoken rules makes life easier. When the concrete delivery arrives, for example. If the truck can’t pour directly to where it’s needed and the mix needs to get moved, do it as quickly as possible so the waiting trades can get to work. The faster the concrete is poured, set, and cured, the faster other work begins.


  • Be nice

Workplace discrimination and assault is illegal and the punishments are harsh. The camaraderie on a worksite is great to work around and everyone banters in good fun. However, this can take an ugly turn very quickly. There’s a time and a place for everything and not everyone shares the same sense of humour.