Do 3D Printed Houses Require Reinforced Concrete?

3D printing is used everywhere from the fashion industry to the medical industry, and houses are not left behind. Revolutionary 3D printed tiny-homes are now a reality. Large scale 3D printing is now being used in bigger construction projects to build entire mini concrete Brisbane houses, buildings, and a lot more. 3D printing is certainly showing its benefits and amazing patterns on the walls of urban houses, it has become an asset for construction projects.

3D Printing for Construction

Surely the 3D printing technique has become an inspiration and a new tool for civil engineers. New technologies are being used nowadays, for example- a 3D printed concrete house can be printed directly in one go, or in different parts to assemble later. New materials are also being used in order to create such amazing construction projects. New technologies like robotic arms are being used which are capable to print entire structure very fast.

Use of Reinforced Concrete for 3D Printed Houses

In conventional reinforced cement concrete, the rebar used is of a diameter ranging between 6mm-35mm, which gets difficult to incorporate into the printing process. If any kind of reinforcement is to be used with 3D printing, then the rebar diameter should be kept very small to allow for manipulation later.

What is Ferrocement?

Ferrocement is a form of reinforced concrete that is made up of densely spaced layers of mesh reinforcement Brisbane or steel rods of very small diameter enclosed in a mortar to form thin sections. Ferrocement is being used widely in the construction industry due to its benefits like low skilled labor requirements, fabricated into any desired shape, long life, ease of construction, and less weight.

Benefits of 3D Printed Houses

  • 3D printing is not only used to print homes, but it can also be used in a wide variety of minor construction projects.
  • The precision of printers used in 3D printing helps in saving resources and energy. Also, immediate houses can be built in the of a disaster.
  • A 3D printed house costs less, however, the cost majorly depends on the complexity, size, and timing. A 215 square ft. house requires approximately 10 days to build.

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