How Do you Take Care of Exposed Concrete Surfaces?

If you are looking to add durability and appeal to your concrete floor, consider exposed range concrete. Professional concrete suppliers Brisbane will provide you with the top quality exposed concrete customized to meet your needs.

Exposed range concrete provides a rugged nonslip surface that holds up against heavy traffic and withstands extreme weather conditions. Exposed concrete is ideal for concrete driveways and patios and can be used for any outdoor spaces.

However, you may be concerned about maintenance. How do you ensure your concrete surface will retain its appealing look for years to come? In this post, we outline the best procedures to ensure your concrete surface remains attractive all year long and more. By practicing these concrete surface maintenance procedures on your exposed concrete surface, you will add value to your investment for an extended period. Keep reading to discover the top secrets for concrete surface maintenance.

1.      Pressure wash the exposed concrete surface

One of the top secrets for the  maintenance of a exposed concrete surface is pressure washing. Use a high pressure washer with hot water and a commercial grade degreaser to eliminate oil stains. The hot water acts as a oil lifter from the concrete surface while the degreaser emulsifies the stains, allowing for easy washing off. For a stain-free surface, you can apply exposed aggregate cleaners to get rid of tire marks before the final rinsing off with hot water. Remember to use a stiff-bristled brush to remove any extra-stubborn stains prior to rinsing the surface.

2.      Reseal the exposed aggregate

Another important procedure when it comes to the maintenance of exposed range concrete is resealing. Sealing the surface is vital to add a layer of protection to your driveway. The sealant acts as protection against any moisture, stains, or weather damage to the surface. Sealing exposed aggregate concrete enhances the decorative look as well. A properly-applied concrete seal keeps the finished surface in pristine condition so the concrete does not crumble or become blemished over time.

3.      Repair any cracks

Maintaining a structurally-sound surface takes effort. Repair the surface to minimize water intrusion through the cracks, as flood water may cause problems to your sub grade. Cracks on the concrete surface could get larger as water seeps into them. Therefore, sealing the concrete surface on time is a wise practice.


A proper concrete maintenance procedure ensures that the surface lasts longer. Besides, proper maintenance often results in improved curb appeal and extends the surface’s life. The surface will be able to endure a high volume of traffic and will not start to wear out, which impacts its longevity. Talk to professional concrete suppliers in Brisbane for high quality exposed concrete. Experienced concrete suppliers in QLD Brisbane will provide a custom solution that meets your requirements.