How to Reinforce Concrete Slab and Control Cracking

A concrete slab is a popular structural element of modern buildings. A concrete slabs consist of a flat and horizontal surface made of cast concrete. When constructing a building, one of the key considerations is how to control cracking.

In this post, we look at how to control concrete cracking. If you are wondering how to prevent the cracking of your concrete slabs, there are important guidelines to adhere to while laying them.

Apply High-Quality Steel Reinforcing Mesh

Steel bars are a strong and durable concrete reinforcement option. Consider that steel is a highly ductile construction material. Besides, steel and concrete feature a similar coefficient of thermal expansion. Lastly, steel is easy to weld, making it easier to construct rather compared to the elaborate internal frameworks of steel rebar.

Therefore, using a mesh reinforcement made using high-quality steel bars provides your slab with the ability to resist compression, tension, and shear that cause the occurrence of cracks.

Ensure a High Quality Sub base

The second secret when it comes to preventing cracking of a concrete floor is making sure have a strong and solid sub base. Before you start a concreting project, make sure the area is cleared appropriately. Determine the depth of your concrete project and then remove the top soil, any organic materials or rocks in that area.  Remove enough so the final area feels solid and the concrete floor sits slightly above the ground.

Unless you are pouring premixed concrete on virgin clay, you need to backfill the area using sand, gravel, or crushed stones. Backfilling helps deliver an even pour and provides strength to your concrete surface. Make sure the backfill level is uniform in terms of depth and thickness.

In addition, compact the sub grade appropriately. Depending upon the project, compact the area using heavy hand temper or vibrating compactor. Make sure the sub grade is hard, uniform, and well drained. If you fail to compact the sub grade appropriately, the result is cracking.

Do not Compromise Quality Of Building Materials

Order premixed concrete from a professional concrete supplier in Brisbane. Experienced concrete suppliers ensure high-quality construction products prepared by a team with impeccable knowledge. Choosing the best premix concrete supplier in QLD guarantees timely delivery and correct advice. In addition, professionals protect customers against price extortion, which is critical in lowering the cost of constructing their property.

Whether it is the steel reinforcing mesh or concrete, always work with the best suppliers.

Hire Qualified Concrete Contractors

Another critical element that can affect the quality of a concrete surface is the choice of contractor. Make sure you are working with a professional contractor who understands the best practices of laying concrete. Seek recommendations from friends and relatives and then verify the reference sites. Hiring inexperienced builders does not save you money as soon you will be dealing with cracked floors.


We have looked at the top tips when it comes to laying a concrete floor. Talk to professionals and work with an experienced concrete and steel supplier in Brisbane. Remember that the quality of any concreting project depends upon how well you prepare it.