How to Stop Your Concrete From Cracking

From faces or floors, one thing most humans can’t stand is cracking. So what can you do to keep a clear, youthful looking footpath?

Avoid gaps

Wood, rubbish, tree roots, ants and other subterranean creatures can create gaps in the soil which cause cracking as your concrete expands and contracts. Carefully prepare your ground with compactors and the appropriate use of water.

Reinforce. Reinforce. Reinforce.

Reinforce your concrete. This strengthens it and prevents small cracks from widening. Also use expansion filler in between walls and other areas where your concrete won’t have the space to expand into.

Make the first move.

Don’t wait for nature to crack your concrete arbitrarily. Place control joints using saw cutting to create a weak point for your concrete to crack. These joints should be up to 3 meters apart and placed on corners.

While cracking can be unsightly and difficult to avoid, following the above steps will help you greatly reduce it.