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5 things to be aware of when breathing new life into a heritage house

Buying and renovating a ‘fixer upper’ is nothing new in Australia. It’s basically the premise for most home renovation shows on television. Before they take the plunge, renovators, aka you, must take a moment and consider these points before powering up the tools. Check the structural integrity Before anyone picks up a hammer, get the[…]

steel mesh

FAQs about steel mesh

People who don’t work in construction, horticulture, or  transportation often underestimate how important steel mesh is. It’s an essential tool that’s found in every modern building foundation and has hundred of uses. Even in art!   What is steel mesh? The mesh is made of steel rods  welded together to make a sheet. The rebar[…]

5 factors affecting your overall concrete price

When you hear ‘concrete price’ do you think about the cost per bag? Or do you think about the overall cost it contributes to the project? We made a list of the five factors that affect your overall concrete price. ReadyMix product Of course this is a factor of your concrete price. When you place[…]

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Budgeting your renovation, from the scope to concrete prices

Concrete prices, the amount of concrete you need, and how you can afford to pay your trades are some of the practicalities that come with renovating. Building and renovation projects are exciting and some people might’ve ‘caught the bug’ after watching the reality shows on TV. Programs like The Block, House Rules and Reno Rumble,[…]