Quick tips to cut and bend steel reinforcing mesh into shape

Steel reinforcement has emerged as crucial for many construction projects. To use it, you need to cut and twist steel to mould into the desired shape to support the planned loads. This strengthens the structural integrity of the project. You can contact Brisbane’s reinforcing mesh experts for your entire steel reinforcing requirements. It is important to seek professional help because most people lack the required expertise to use it correctly. You should also follow set standards pertaining to cutting and bending steel.

Here are some tips below that you may consider:

Bolt cutters for cutting steel mesh

Bolt cutters are used widely for cutting steel mesh. Bolt cutters have emerged highly useful when you need to cut steel rods. The pressure produced by bolt cutters will offer a smooth and fast-break as well as giving you great precision.  However, the circumstances under which you may have to use this method may be quite limited. The method has proved to be quite an effective one in the right situations. You can contact steel bar Brisbane specialists to procure top quality steel bars.

Circular saw for cutting steel mesh

You can also opt for a circular saw that is equipped with a metal cutting blade. A circular saw can make precise and straight cuts in steel mesh. It has also become one of the most popular power saws and can slice precisely. You will find several blade sizes depending on the projects. The kind of blade you choose will help in deciding the depth of the cut. Also, it has become one of the most reliable solutions while handling an off-site prefabricated cut.

Manual saw for cutting steel mesh

If you can’t find a powered circular saw, you may have to rely on a manual saw. It will also execute the task effectively. You should speak to leading steel suppliers in Brisbane as they will help in producing exact results as long as the metal is held strongly in a place. The only problem that you may face with this option is that it may be a little time-consuming.

Bend steel mesh with a pipe and bar

You may also fix the steel into place and then opt to use a bar to knock the end down. This will produce a bend in the steel with the least effort. You will also be able to decide an angle to create a desired shape for the specific job. This has become a common onsite method now. But, if steel cannot be bent to the right angle, it may compromise the integrity level of steel.

Use your hands

When working with thin steel pieces, you can bend the rod by hand. It will test your physical skills and may prove to be tough to bend the road by hand. However, when a fast solution is sought and correct tools are unavailable, it can be a last resort.


The above tips will help you cut and bend steel reinforcing mesh into the desired shape. You can contact premix concrete Brisbane to get the job done.