Reinforcing Mesh In The Gold Coast.

Ensure that the foundation of your next construction project is as strong as it can get by using only the best in materials during your construction process.

When buying materials such as concrete and reinforcing mesh in the Gold Coast, it helps to deal with a supplier that has a flawless track record within the industry and a reputation for products—and service—that is superior.

What You Should Know About Steel Mesh in the Gold Coast

In today’s world of instant gratification and cheaply made, inferior products, it is good to know that there are still some things that you can count on to deliver true quality. If you are in the building and construction industry, you’ve come to the right place.

● We supply a wide range of options for steel bar mesh for foundations, retaining walls, and footing cages. Our steel bar mesh solutions come in a variety of standard sizes, and we can manufacture footing cages according to the specific dimensions as per your project plan.
● Our range of premix concrete products cover the entire spectrum of concrete strength requirements from 15mpa to 100mpa with slump ranging from 20 to 180. We can assist with all concrete uses, from decorative slabs, footpaths, and driveways to suspended slabs and high-rise buildings.
● We supply premix concrete for all applications, from block or cavity fill to spray mixes, slab mixes, foundations, paving and coloured concrete, and no fines concrete for use in retaining walls and other applications.

What Sets Reocrete Apart Among Steel Suppliers in the Gold Coast?

We have designed and manufactured our steel products specifically for use in the building and construction industry. We offer comprehensive construction solutions to our customers by giving them easy and cost-effective access to optimal-quality, industry-specific materials.

● Our team has extensive experience in the building and construction industry, ranging from small residential builds to major commercial construction projects. When you deal with us, you are working with a seasoned industry professional who understands your application and the product that you need.
● We are one of the most prominent building and construction materials suppliers on the Gold Coast. We offer every customer service and inside advice that is cut above the rest.
● We have improved our process over the years to as near to perfection as we can get. We understand the complications that can arise when premix concrete is even slightly overdue or too early to arrive on site. We get your concrete to you exactly when and where you need it, every time.

About Reocrete

We are the premix concrete supplier of choice in one Gold Coast. Our customers have come to rely on our excellent service and the superior quality of our products. Our participation in some of the region’s top construction projects is a testament to our commitment to industry superiority.

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