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We Are The Top Steel Suppliers For Reinforcing Mesh And Concrete In Ipswich

Reinforcing concrete with steel bars or mesh will significantly increase its overall strength and durability for many years. It makes sense to only choose the best steel for the job, as inferior-quality bars will have a negative harm especially if it starts expanding due to rust. Consider Reocrete as your top steel supplier in Ipswich when purchasing material for your concreting project.

You can purchase your reinforcing steel from the same company that is supplying the premix concrete. We can assist homeowners and builders with choosing the right combination of concrete strength and reinforcing for the project and supply the correct steel based on engineering specifications and drawings.



Why is Steel Reinforcing Required?

Concrete is similar to pourable stone, and for this reason, it is very strong and versatile, but it has certain limitations due to its nature. Concrete has good compression strength, which is why it is ideal for foundations and driveways. Unfortunately, concrete has poor tensile strength and weak resistance against shear forces. Steel, on the other hand, has good tensile strength and resistance against shear forces by bending rather than breaking.

When you add steel bars or mesh to a concrete structure as it is cast, the steel and concrete form a synergistic bond. The steel can resist tensile force applied to the structure, not placing any strain on the concrete, and it will behave similarly faced with a shearing force.

The most important factor is that the steel bars and mesh must be of the correct thickness for the application of the concrete structure. Using a steel bar that is too thin is essentially the same as not reinforcing the concrete at all. We supply steel bars of all the common diameters used in the industry as well as reinforcing mesh in Ipswich.


Choose Us for Your Reinforcing Steel and Mesh in Ipswich

There are several benefits of using Reocrete as your reinforcing steel and mesh supplier. The major factors are the quality of our steel, our extensive range that we have available, and our friendly service and helpful nature helps differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We manufacture footing cages according to your exact specifications and deliver the finished product to the worksite. This delivery saves you time and ensures that the reinforcing cages are ready before we deliver and pour the concrete, since we complete both jobs.


We have years of experience in the construction industry and concrete.

We believe that excellent concrete that is correctly reinforced with steel bars or mesh reflects our commitment to our customers, and we’re proud of each slab that we’ve poured over the years. Our showcase projects include the Wivenhoe Dam extension, the Burdekin pipeline, and the Albury/Wodonga bypass, as well as many schools and shopping centres

Contact us so that we can discuss your unique concreting requirements and how we can provide a solution. We gladly offer advice based on industry best practices and a thorough knowledge of how reinforced concrete can enhance your environment