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Summer is officially upon us and it’s heating up! How is Your Pool Surround?

Every time summer rolls around, pool time becomes one of the most favourite pass time for families. Owning a pool, especially with children, can be a delight. Often, pools are built using premix concrete Brisbane and while these pools are heavily durable, as with everything and as time passes, depreciation occurs. Many of these concrete pools succumb to cracks due to excessive exposure to heat.

At Reocrete we have assisted various customers with this issue, so keep reading to find out everything there is to know about these pesky cracks.

What Are These Cracks?

If you are on the lookout for concrete Brisbane pools then you may have heard several conflicting opinions. This is because concrete pools are really sturdy but at the same time have issues like rough edges, discolouration, a need for resurfacing, and cracks.
Pool cracks tend to occur more frequently due to excessive heat and volatile weather conditions. They can also be attributed to structural inconsistencies and lack of quality construction. Concrete suppliers Brisbane can provide you with solutions to deal with cracks.

How to Deal with Cracks?
There are a few things you can do to manage the formation of pool cracks:

1. Ensure you use High Quality Concrete:
To simply avoid cracks, one can invest in premium quality concrete. One of the best concrete providers around the area would be Reocrete. We, at Reocrete, provide numerous products to help you make your pool sturdy, structurally sound and sustainable. You can pick from our high-quality premix concrete.
2. Proper Construction:
If you wish to go a step above and make your concrete pool extremely secure then you can opt for our premium-quality steel bar mesh. We also have square mesh as well as trench mesh. We do have these in standard sizes but it can all be easily customised as per your requirements. Thus you will be able to build a solid concrete Brisbane pool.
3. Cover These Cracks:
To deal with these pesky cracks you can order our premix concrete to cover the cracks. There are many ways to mend the cracks – with putty, concrete, or going all the way with a smoothening grinder. The choice is ultimately yours, however we can help you with the best solution as per your requirements.
4. Protect your Pool:
We know that there is no definitive way to completely shield your pool from the heat. However, you can offer your pool more protection by having it checked by professionals from time to time.


Since your pool is practically a part of the family, you must invest in quality. Contact the best concrete delivery Brisbane to rid you of any frustrating crack issues during summer.