Tools of the trade for concrete suppliers in Brisbane

Concrete suppliers in Brisbane are valuable to renovation and commercial projects everywhere. You can’t do any building work without it. Concrete suppliers have their own tools as well that are necessary to their work.


Well, the essential tool is the concrete mix itself. This is a blend of cement, aggregate and sand There’s a lot of different types around; no such thing as ‘one mix fits all’. Concrete suppliers in Brisbane like Reocrete are stocked with various mixes for their work. Readymix concrete, combined with steel mesh, makes a tough slab that is resistant to the elements and cracking. The tensile strength of the slab depends on the type of mix combined with the rebar. 3500 psi blends are suitable for driveways and interior solutions. Anything higher is more suited to warehouse and shop floors.


You know those large cement mixing trucks, the one you see on the road? On work sites? Outside your neighbor’s house? The truck/rotating drum combo has saved time, money and headaches since its invention and is the friend of trades everywhere. Concrete suppliers in Brisbane use the trucks to get ready-to-pour concrete from A to B. The cement, aggregate and water is loaded into the rotating drum. The machine does the rest, until it gets poured.


Of course, a concreter needs to accessorise to get the job done properly. Once the mix is poured, it needs smoothing out before it sets. The tools a concreter needs includes floats, trowels and even the good old wheelbarrow. Straightedges are one of the most important tools to spread and level the concrete. It needs to get taken care of before the water rises to the surface. The practice of leveling and spreading in known as ‘screeding’ or ‘striking off’.


Concrete suppliers in Brisbane like Reocrete have the materials, the trucks and the tools for any project they’re called for. Whether you’re in Gympie of Moreton Bay, Clarrie and the team will meet you in the middle.