What are the Pros of Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is an extremely popular choice for commercial and residential floors. Some of the common locations are large warehouses, office buildings, hotels and restaurants, retail stores, auto showrooms, and private residences. Whether used for commercial or residential flooring, polished concrete Brisbane offers a variety of benefits.

Are you interested in polished flooring options? In this post, we look at some of the benefits of choosing polished concrete for your flooring needs.

1.     Provides vast design options

Polished concrete offers vast of design options. You may choose among many colors, create patterns with saw cuts, or even embed aggregates into the concrete prior to the polishing process. To control the reflective component of a polished concrete floor, you can use different levels of concrete polishing.

These diverse options make polished concrete a good choice for any flooring requirements. You can try the different options available to arrive at the look and color that meets preferences. To attain a glossy, mirror-like finish, talk to experienced concrete suppliers Brisbane. The professionals will ensure the supply of top quality products, guaranteeing the best results.

2.     Ease of maintenance

When choosing a floor type, maintenance is one of the key factors to consider. Of note, polished concrete flooring is relatively easy to maintain. Here are important guidelines to remember for the maintenance of polished concrete floors.

  • Clean the floor regularly: proper and regular cleaning prevents the accumulation of dirt and ensures a stainless floor.
  • Install walk-off mats: installing mats or grating at entry points reduces the amount of debris tracked into the building from outside.
  • Address stains immediately: clean any liquid spills on polished floor immediately. Otherwise, the spills penetrate the concrete, becoming permanent stains.

You do not need a huge maintenance budget for polished concrete. All you need is to clean the floor and polish it regularly to restore the gloss.

3.     Cost effective flooring option

Compared to various flooring types, polished concrete is a cost-effective option. However, the cost depends upon the finish chosen. It is worth pointing out that like several flooring options, the cost saving does not come at the time installation. You will realize the cost-effectiveness over the floor’s lifetime. The only reason you may replace this floor type is if you get tired of the look.

4.     Higher durability

Another important reason to choose polished floor type is durability. Polished floors are extremely strong and resilient; they have the ability to withstand heavy traffic and equipment. Therefore, it is difficult to damage this type of floor, especially if you use the right mesh reinforcement and high quality concrete.


While polished concrete floors provide vast benefits, there are also some drawbacks to using it. Nonetheless, the benefits outweigh any drawbacks as long as you order your concrete from professional concrete suppliers in QLD. The installation process also plays a critical role when it comes to durability of your concrete floor.