What You Need To Know About Concrete Cracks in summer

Concrete cracks happen to be a common issue, specifically in summer. Homeowners usually misunderstand concrete cracks assuming they bought low-quality premixed concrete. Hire professional concrete suppliers in QLD Brisbane to guarantee high-quality concrete.

What Causes Concrete Cracks in summer

Concrete cracks are an issue that unfortunately cannot be avoided, especially in summer. Even high-quality premixed concrete might show some micro-cracks in summer. In summer, the concrete cracks appear when the excess heat reaches the earth’s surface, leading the soil around the house to shrink and pull away from the foundation. Soil shrinkage results in foundation movement making the small cracks bigger and might grow beyond an inch depending on the extent of soil shrinkage.

With time, the cracks weaken the concrete leading to sinking or settling of the slab foundation. You might realize the foundation is no more extended level in worse conditions and even notice some sloping.

Homes Built on Clay soil are Prone to Concrete Cracks

Clay soil will swell naturally when it becomes wet. In summer, the clay soil shrinks as it dries owing to the hot temperatures. The shrinking and swelling appear at ground level, pressuring and pulling on the foundation of your home. Hence, the shrinkage leads to concrete cracks, and eventually, structural damage. As a result, it helps if you extract the clay soil completely and replace it with rocks to avoid concrete cracks.

Plants Growing Near Your house could Cause Concrete Cracks

Another reason why concrete cracks appear is due to the roots of the plants growing next to your property. Hence, remove the trees and other plants known to have roots spread widely beneath the surface. It must be noted that even the seemingly small plants could cause cracking in your concrete.

Watch out for Concrete Cracks in summer

The hot weather is not the only cause of concrete cracks. The wet weather might also have an effect, causing cracks in your concrete. Hence, no matter the weather or season, cracks can appear on the foundation. This is why it is crucial to inspect your property for concrete cracks all-year-round. If you notice concrete cracks, hire an experienced professional to examine the cause and recommend a solution.

How to avoid concrete Cracks in summer

Concrete cracks could be a problematic issue, specifically in summer. Here are some significant recommendations to avoid summer concrete cracks.

  • Watering around the concrete foundation during summer droughts prevents shrinkage – keeping the water level consistent throughout the year.
  • Protect your foundation against excess moisture by using high-quality waterproofing
  • Ensure your landscaping does not endanger your concrete slab. Therefore, get rid of plants growing next to your property.


Hot weather is one of the reasons you might experience concrete cracks. Nevertheless, it is not the only cause of concrete slabs to crack. Ensuring you source premixed concrete from experienced concrete suppliers assists in preventing concrete cracks.  Moreover, practice the tips I have outlined above to help you prevent concrete cracks.