Are Polished Concrete Floors Right for You?

When finding flooring options for your home, office, or commercial building you can be overwhelmed with the enormous variety afforded to you. Previously used in garages and warehouses, the polished concrete look is emerging within homes, restaurants, offices, amongst other locations due to not only its aesthetic, but its practicality.

There are some considerations to make when determining if polished concrete is the flooring option for you, so we have compiled this list to take the guesswork out of your decision:

Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

  1. Highly Durable and Long-Lasting
    As concrete is an incredibly durable and sturdy material it makes it the perfect for flooring in high traffic areas, where items like tables and chairs, cars and machinery, or large groups of people will be regularly. Chipping, scratching, or damaging polished concrete surfaces is considerably more difficult than wooden, tiled, or stone flooring, making it a great choice when considering longevity. In addition to being highly durable, should you incur any chips or dints to your polished concrete floor, it blends far more seamlessly than a chipped tile or stone surface, which can be quite the eyesore. For garages and workshops in your home, restaurant flooring, or businesses such as car dealerships or warehouses, polished concrete is the perfect way to create a visually appealing space whilst having longevity in your flooring option. Concrete suppliers in Brisbane can advise on the best polished concrete for your space.
  2. Cost Effective
    Polished concrete flooring is a highly cost effective and visually appealing flooring option, and is a great option for those who want more affordable options without compromising on look. Compared to alternative flooring such as hardwood, stone, or tiles, which can often cost thousands of dollars and have a time consuming installation, polished concrete can be installed in a fast and budget-friendly manner by concrete suppliers in Brisbane.
  3. Wide Option of Design Options
    With a wide range of colours and textures that can be utilised in polished concrete floors, the options are endless. Polished concrete flooring can be fully customised, and can even imitate more expensive flooring options with certain designs and inclusions. With a finish perfect for everyone, you won’t struggle to find something you love.
  4. Spill resistant
    Accidents are inevitable however, polished concrete flooring can minimise their impact. Being completely sealed and liquid-proof, polished concrete won’t absorb any liquids making cleaning any spills incredibly easy. For areas such as car workshops, cafes and restaurants, or even home kitchens and living rooms, having a spill resistant flooring option is invaluable, helping prevent damage and saves time that may otherwise be spent cleaning.
  5. Highly Sanitary
    With considerations for sanitisation being more important than ever before, the ability to completely sanitise polished concrete flooring is highly appealing. Disinfecting your floor has never been easier, with no absorption or discoloration caused as a result of the use of strong chemicals.
  6. Allergy Resistant
    For those who suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma, polished concrete flooring is a fantastic alternative. Carpets can be challenging to fully clean and sanitise, and can hold dust and dust mites, pollen, and other allergens which can be highly inflammatory to someone who suffers from allergies. Polished concrete can be easily vacuumed and mopped with hypoallergenic cleaning supplies, and is ideal for those who require a very clean living space.


Considerations for Concrete Flooring

Whilst the benefits of polished concrete in Brisbane seem endless, there are some considerations to make when deciding if it fits your purposes.

  1. Can Cause Reverberation
    Given how hard polished concrete flooring is, noise is reverberated throughout the room, rather than absorbed. Should this be an issue in your space, the issue can be mitigated by adding furniture, rugs, or other textiles such as curtains.
  2. Can be Cold
    Polished concrete floors can be quite cold to walk on, particularly in winter, which should be considered when installing your flooring. As a result, you may need to take additional steps to stay warm, and your home or office may require more heating during colder months than it otherwise would. Fortunately, having concrete in Brisbane is highly beneficial during Summer, keeping your building cool.
  3. Is a Hard Flooring Option
    As concrete flooring is very hard, it does not offer much cushioning or protection for employees standing all day. To minimise this issue, supportive shoes can be worn, and cushioning mats can be utilised in spaces where people may be standing for long periods of time.

With endless options and many applications, polished concrete floors are arguably one of the most practical flooring choices. If you think a polished concrete floor is perfect for your space, reach out to our industry leading concrete suppliers in Brisbane who can guide you through the next steps to achieving your dream flooring.