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Trucks and Mixers

The two most important elements in premixed concrete are volume and timing. When we say volume what we wish to imply is that premixed concrete cannot be transported in small quantities. Each structural element that is being constructed needs huge quantities of concrete to be laid, compacted and then set. That is why big containers are needed to transport adequate quantities of concrete. Also, the timing of the delivery of concrete is very important. This is because concrete begins to see changes in the internal lattice structure after 90 minutes of preparation which results in the hardness of concrete beginning to set in. That is why the concrete needs to be delivered to the site on time, and quickly laid and compacted.

For meeting both these requirements of huge volumes and accurate timelines, we have a fleet of trucks and mixers which ensure that your order of premixed concrete reaches your site in the correct quantity and at the right time. Even if you have a big order and one truck is not adequate, our fleet has enough trucks of different trucks to ensure that we can send multiple trucks and mixers to your site. We can also provide concrete pumps to help lay the concrete efficiently.


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Twin Steer Trucks

Steel Reinforcement Brisbane

Choose Quality When You Need Steel Bar Reinforcement Suppliers in Brisbane


When you’re pouring heavy-duty concrete installations, finding suitable steel reinforcements in Brisbane is an essential step for creating confidence in the finished product. By adding items such as reinforcement bars or ligatures into spaces filled with concrete, you ensure that the resulting composite material is stronger and more resilient than concrete—sometimes up to twice as strong.

Reinforcements are essential for slabs that need to endure cumbersome load cycles, high traffic volumes, and extreme temperature shifts. Finding the ones that match your project needs doesn’t have to be a troublesome process. With Reocrete, you can tap into one of the most experienced options not only for steel suppliers of reinforcement products but of premium quality concrete as well.

Backed by years in the industry and a commitment to optimal results every time, we prioritise 100% satisfaction on every job. Learn how we tick all the important boxes for our clients and what we can do for you.



What to Look for When Considering Steel Suppliers in Brisbane


With so many options to choose from, it is essential to make a smart selection for the steel you’ll use in concrete. Poorly produced or stored rebar is weaker from the moment it goes into the concrete, potentially leading to problems in the future. To minimise complications, look for suppliers that meet the following criteria:


Background and experience in concrete pouring


Reinforcement and concrete go hand-in-hand in many of today’s projects and partnering with a company with a thorough understanding of these solutions can make your work easier.


A reputation for reliability and consistency, especially for product delivery on tight timetables


Keep your work on target with third-party partners that respect the care placed into your project planning.

A large delivery area is enough for you to know that you will be able to access the right products at the right time.


What to Expect From Reocrete When You Need Steel Reinforcement?


As a team, we meet all these requirements, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We can explain the kind of experience that we provide to our clients when they need steel for complex or straightforward concrete works alike:

● We make it easy to assess the options in our steel catalogue that align with the demands of your project. When you aren’t sure about types or quantities, we can help you uncover the answers.
● Our ordering process is simple, and you can carry it out entirely online if you already know what you need. Just a few steps, and you’re finished with this essential task—all that’s left is to accept the delivery.
● We confirm delivery times upon finalisation of your order, and we don’t keep your builders waiting on site with empty hands. Our professional service shines through in delivery as well, not only through punctuality but in quick, courteous work so your team can start the next phase without delay


Why Reocrete Is a Cost-Effective Option for Steel Bar Solutions


With comprehensive solutions that we can tailor to suit a wide variety of projects, our team makes it easy to acquire everything that you need in one location. Add in the convenience of quick online ordering solutions and Reocrete’s concrete pouring services, and you have a highly reliable way to achieve your project milestones.

Plan with confidence, keep costs under control and build towards the final handover on your project with less stress on your mind. Speak with us for more about how we can help you find options for a steel bar in Brisbane today

Steel Reinforcing Mesh Brisbane

Buy Steel Reinforcement Mesh Online In Brisbane

Whatever your construction project entails, you require the best materials to support the structure.Consider steel reinforcing mesh in Brisbane. Mesh reinforcement involves the process of using blended steel wire fabric as the base for reinforcing various concrete structural elements such as walls or slabs. It’s usually available in a rectangular or square grid pattern and as flat sheets. Reocrete is a reputable name in the construction industry as we supply premixed concrete to clients across the country and offer steel mesh for reinforcement


Benefits of Using Steel Reinforcing Mesh

Using plain concrete for construction projects isn’t advisable as the material on its own can’t withstand the stress that winds, earthquakes or vibrations place on it, highlighting the need for steel mesh. When you opt for mesh reinforcement, you can expect to enjoy these benefits

● When you use steel mesh for your construction project, you immediately improve the quality since the materials come from a factory that pays strict attention to the standards of the end product. The automatic production line controls the grid size and rebar specifications, as well as the elasticity of the mesh. The spacing is uniform and accurate with a high welding point strength which significantly enhances the quality of your project.
● Adding steel mesh to the concrete improves its seismic and crack resistance. The longitudinal and transverse bars combine to form a network that is excellent for adhesion and anchorage to concrete and helps distribute the load evenly. As a result, the mesh enhances the rigidity, making your structure more resistant to external components. Tests have demonstrated that laying steel mesh for road construction decreases the possibility of cracks occurring by 75 percent compared to artificial netting.
● Including steel mesh in your construction project can help speed up the process. If you lay the reinforcements correctly, you can immediately start pouring in the concrete while eradicating the need for cutting the mesh on site. When you consider the number of hours you need to put in on a project, using mesh reinforcements can reduce this by 50 to 70 percent, meaning you can complete the task faster.
● Since steel mesh is regular and larger than a hand-stitched option, it won’t bend or deform when you pour the concrete. As a result, you can control the thickness of the concrete layer, which also aids in improving the quality of the concrete engineering.
● Using steel as the primary material for the mesh means you won’t have to worry about placing the structure near moisture since it’s corrosive resistant. It will aid in the long term performance and extend the life of your structure. Furthermore, there is little to no maintenance to enjoy the benefits of the steel mesh.


What to Expect from Reocrete Regarding Reinforcing Mesh In Brisbane

Our team has a vast background in the construction industry and can offer you professional advice for your project.

● We use a homegrown process to plan, track, and manage construction projects of various sizes. Our reputation speaks for itself as we have been instrumental in the Wivenhoe Wall Dam Extension, the Burdekin Pipeline, the Albury/Wodonga Bypass, various shopping centres, community pools, school extensions and more.
● Apart from our high-quality steel mesh near Brisbane, we supply a comprehensive catalogue of dowel products and miscellaneous building accessories such as expansion joints, duct tape, and tie wires. We’re aware of the time constraints you may be under, which is why we adopt a zero-error policy for our agreed time of delivery.
● As a leader in the industry, we carry full insurance, including public liability and WorkCover, for your peace of mind. To complete your order for our first-rate premixed concrete, you’d have to provide us with all the details of your project. Depending on your location, we’ll contact you with a reasonable quotation, and once you accept the quantity, date, time, and rate, you can sit back and wait for us to arrive.


Trust Us to Buy Steel Mesh Online

We’re the number one supplier of premixed concrete in the region and offer you our in-depth knowledge along with our products. As a result, you’ll never go wrong with your concrete or steel mesh orders.

Rebar Brisbane

Prep Your Project Easily When You Order and Buy Rebar Online in Brisbane

When you need to supply a project with rebar in Brisbane, do you know where to turn? How can you easily find the type of rebar that you need in the appropriate lengths or forms within enough time to be ready for a concrete pour that may need to happen on a tight schedule? These are challenging questions for any project manager overseeing concrete works to face, but you don’t have to struggle with finding the answers. At Reocrete, we have help ready for you to access right now—and right from your computer. No need to visit a yard filled with rebar just to place an order.

With a passion for our industry and for delivering exceptional results for even the biggest and most complex projects, our team is ready to help you execute a successful project today.


Choose Reocrete When You Want to Buy Rebar Online

We are the right choice when you need reinforced steel bars for a concrete form

● We prioritise punctuality and emphasise reliable, on-time deliveries—every single time. When we say that you can expect your rebar to arrive on site at a particular time, you can trust that we will make it happen.
● Our competitive pricing makes it simpler to outfit your project with the appropriate hardware at a price that makes sense within your building budget.
● Our team has extensive industry experience and can easily provide you with insights into what to purchase and in which quantities based on the details of your project.


Types of Rebar We Provide For Our Clients

Not every project requires the same type of reinforcement. To support a diverse client base, we stock multiple types of rebar to suit various needs. These solutions include:

● Plain round bars. This type of steel is smooth and round on the outside, making it ideal for specific applications that include mesh and other products.
● Deformed rebar features surface irregularities that help the bar form a stronger, more resilient bond with the concrete around it. A deformed bar is ideal when reinforcement and strength are critical.
● Ligatures, corner bars, and starter bars. With multiple sizes and shapes of these more complex reinforcing shapes, you can plan for the entire slab—not only the main bulk of the pour.


Choose Reocrete For Your Next Project

When you can quickly and easily order rebar online, the complexity of planning your project shrinks while your confidence in the outcome grows. By choosing to place your order with Reocrete, you get to tap into an experienced resource for guidance and insight.

Lean on our services and support your project with our capabilities for delivering high-grade concrete and conducting quick and safe pouring operations for the most reliable outcomes

Contact us today to learn more or place an order directly with our team

Exposed Concrete Brisbane

We Can Supply You with Exposed Concrete in Brisbane

If you plan to lay concrete outdoors, our exposed concrete in Brisbane is an ideal choice. This concrete provides a beautiful, natural look whether you plan to build walkways, stairs, or even driveways. We even have assorted colours available to better suit your project requirements. Choose Reocrete when you need concreting from industry experts.


Creative Ways in Which You Can Use Exposed Concrete for Your Home

When using concrete, it’s important to know what you can do with it aside from the very basics.

Patios outside of your home can benefit greatly from these mixtures since they provide a more natural look. These mixtures also create ample grip, which is especially useful in areas with constant foot traffic, such as when you host friends outdoors.

Using exposed mixtures for your driveways is always a desirable choice because of its resilience. Since it should handle the weight of your vehicles for a long time, every day, these mixtures are ideal.

Entertainment areas such as your barbeque spot can look fantastic with some added flair from exposed concretes. Since we can give you these mixtures in assorted colours, you never have to settle for dull grey but can instead customise it to your liking.

If you want to know more about our different decorative concretes, you can always give us a call and talk to someone on the team.


You Should Consider Exposed Concrete Over Other Options

Knowing when to consider exposed mixtures for your new concreted areas is a good start. You can’t use any concrete for any job since you sometimes need more strength, slump, or smoothness. Let’s look at where exposed variants are an ideal choice

You want a stylishness to your concrete that you won’t find with other types. Exposed mixtures look fantastic and bring about much more appeal than regular options. If you want stylish outdoor concrete, these are certainly a must-have option.

You want a durable mixture that comes at a fair price. Exposed mixtures are often your more cost-effective solutions while still granting you the durability you want to see. Durable mixtures are important, especially in areas with high foot traffic or driveways to handle vehicle weight

You want a concrete mixture that doesn’t require excessive maintenance, and exposed concrete requires minimal maintenance, making it even more cost-effective overall. This reduced requirement for maintenance makes these decorative concretes excellent value for money and a perfect choice for the outdoors

The next time you need a team that can provide you with high quality concrete at competitive prices, chat to the team at Reocrete. We make sure that when you need a delivery, we do it on time every time. We have a strict zero error policy on deliveries, so you can always expect us to turn up when you need us.

Call our professionals today and get the decorative concretes you need for your next renovation or building project.

Dowel Bars Brisbane

We Sell Quality Dowel Bars for Concrete in Brisbane

Dowel bars are common in large construction projects such as bridges, but they also have applications in residential concrete constructions such as driveways and garden paths. The main objective of using dowel bars is to prevent the lateral and vertical movement of concrete slabs while keeping their separate units. We supply real dowel bars in Brisbane.


What Are Dowel Bars for Concrete Slabs?

A dowel bar for concrete is a special type of steel bar. It is not simply a steel rod that is placed in position and then cast into the concrete slab, as that will defeat the purpose of the real dowel.

The purpose of a dowel is to prevent the lateral and vertical movement of individual concrete slabs while allowing horizontal movement for the natural expansion and contraction of the concrete. The dowel must not attach to the concrete in the same way that a reinforced steel bar bonds to the concrete. A bond-breaking material covers the dowel to prevent bonding between the dowel and the concrete.

The dowel is inserted at the mid-depth of the slab. It must always be positioned exactly parallel to the centre line of the slabs. Any deviation will result in stress on the dowel, which will then lead to the concrete cracking.

Dowels that are correctly installed will contribute to the overall strength of the slabs by causing the adjacent slabs to bear some of the weight. They will also protect the joints from damage and prevent unnecessary maintenance due to chipping and breaking of the seams.


About Our Dowel Bars for Sale

We stock the full range of standard dowel bars. Sizes range from 32 mm to 38 mm at 460 mm long. Ideally, you’ll space the dowels 305 mm apart, so always double-check that you’re ordering enough dowels before pouring the concrete. We also stock the endcaps and special anti-bonding epoxy coating material, without which the dowels cannot properly embed in the concrete slabs.

Large construction such as bridges and roads typically includes dowel bars, but we are of the opinion that they are also a good investment for smaller projects such as sidewalks and warehouse yards.The dowels will prevent the individual slabs from misaligning over time due to earth movement or heavy traffic.


Trust Reocrete For All Your Concrete Requirements

We are a company that is passionate about all aspects of concrete. Our primary business is the sale and delivery of many forms of premix concrete in Brisbane. We also sell steel reinforcing bars and mesh and manufacture footing cages according to exact specifications.

Our policy is to provide our premix concrete and other products at the same price to all our customers, whether you are a large construction company or a homeowner. Our ordering process is smooth, and we always keep to the appointed time for delivery.

Contact us today to discuss how dowel bars can add strength to your next project.

Steel Suppliers Ipswich

We Are The Top Steel Suppliers For Reinforcing Mesh And Concrete In Ipswich

Reinforcing concrete with steel bars or mesh will significantly increase its overall strength and durability for many years. It makes sense to only choose the best steel for the job, as inferior-quality bars will have a negative harm especially if it starts expanding due to rust. Consider Reocrete as your top steel supplier in Ipswich when purchasing material for your concreting project.

You can purchase your reinforcing steel from the same company that is supplying the premix concrete. We can assist homeowners and builders with choosing the right combination of concrete strength and reinforcing for the project and supply the correct steel based on engineering specifications and drawings.



Why is Steel Reinforcing Required?

Concrete is similar to pourable stone, and for this reason, it is very strong and versatile, but it has certain limitations due to its nature. Concrete has good compression strength, which is why it is ideal for foundations and driveways. Unfortunately, concrete has poor tensile strength and weak resistance against shear forces. Steel, on the other hand, has good tensile strength and resistance against shear forces by bending rather than breaking.

When you add steel bars or mesh to a concrete structure as it is cast, the steel and concrete form a synergistic bond. The steel can resist tensile force applied to the structure, not placing any strain on the concrete, and it will behave similarly faced with a shearing force.

The most important factor is that the steel bars and mesh must be of the correct thickness for the application of the concrete structure. Using a steel bar that is too thin is essentially the same as not reinforcing the concrete at all. We supply steel bars of all the common diameters used in the industry as well as reinforcing mesh in Ipswich.


Choose Us for Your Reinforcing Steel and Mesh in Ipswich

There are several benefits of using Reocrete as your reinforcing steel and mesh supplier. The major factors are the quality of our steel, our extensive range that we have available, and our friendly service and helpful nature helps differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We manufacture footing cages according to your exact specifications and deliver the finished product to the worksite. This delivery saves you time and ensures that the reinforcing cages are ready before we deliver and pour the concrete, since we complete both jobs.


We have years of experience in the construction industry and concrete.

We believe that excellent concrete that is correctly reinforced with steel bars or mesh reflects our commitment to our customers, and we’re proud of each slab that we’ve poured over the years. Our showcase projects include the Wivenhoe Dam extension, the Burdekin pipeline, and the Albury/Wodonga bypass, as well as many schools and shopping centres

Contact us so that we can discuss your unique concreting requirements and how we can provide a solution. We gladly offer advice based on industry best practices and a thorough knowledge of how reinforced concrete can enhance your environment

Concrete Ipswich

Concrete Delivery and Prices From Suppliers in Ipswich

You have two options for concrete: mix it onsite or have it conveniently delivered. We provide an extensive range of premix concrete in Ipswich for homeowners and construction companies. We deliver every load on time so that there is no delay in your schedule.


About Our Concrete

Our premix concrete is available in five standard strength grades. Choosing the correct strength is critical to the durability of the concrete and your budget. If you choose a strength far beyond what is necessary for the project, then you end up with concrete that will last for centuries, but you will also be paying far more than necessary. The consulting engineer will specify the strength required for the project, but if you are doing everything yourself, we’ll be happy to assist with the calculations.

The rating system for strength by concrete suppliers is measured in megapascal (MPa) and is an indication of the compression strength of the concrete. It indicates the pressure, usually relating to weight, which can be applied to the concrete before it cracks or fails. The minimum strength for domestic projects is 20 MPa for floors and footpaths. Driveways and patios require a bit more strength at 25 MPa. For construction concrete, 32 MPa, 40 MPa, and 50 MPa are recommendations.

We also offer our concrete mixes in multiple levels of wetness, defined in the trades as a slump. Concrete with a high slump usually contains a fair amount of water and is easy to pour. A lower slump is necessary when the concrete slabs are poured and shaped at a slope. Note that the amount of water in the concrete mix must be within a defined range—otherwise, it will negatively affect the chemical reaction that gives strength to the concrete.


We Offer Cost-Effective Concrete Delivery To Ipswich

Mixing concrete is an art, and your supplier must understand this aspect when you order premix concrete. The concrete that you order must always be the same concrete that your supplier delivers, especially if you will use multiple loads in the project. We are passionate about concrete and always deliver our concrete freshly mixed, as it starts to set after 90 minutes and loses strength when poured.

We believe that it does not matter if you order one load or fifty loads: the price per load for a certain type of concrete should always be the same. This attitude allows us to offer the best concrete prices in Ipswich, as we do not practise price discrimination between homeowners and construction companies.

The ordering process for a load of concrete delivered to your yard or worksite is as easy as filling in a form on our website. All you have to do is choose how much concrete you require–we recommend adding 0.2 m³ as it is cheaper than having to order an extra mini-load–and state the strength and slump and any special aggregate. Inform us where and when you want it delivered and we’ll be there. We like a two-day notice period, but we can accommodate emergencies as soon as a truck is available.

Contact us if you wish to discuss special arrangements or require a concrete pump.

Reinforcing Mesh Sunshine Coast

Get Your Reinforcing Steel Mesh in the Sunshine Coast From Reocrete Suppliers

Reinforcing mesh is an important component in the laying of foundations for buildings, and despite popular belief, this mesh may differ significantly from supplier to supplier. We supply superior reinforcing mesh in the Sunshine Coast, helping our customers to achieve the highest possible build quality from the ground up during every project.

Finding steel mesh in the Sunshine Coast is easy: simply get it from Reocrete along with your order of premix concrete. We are the foremost concrete and construction steel suppliers in the Sunshine Coast, with years of professional industry experience and the best quality products available on the market today.


Choose Reocrete for Your Steel Mesh in the Sunshine Coast

Reinforcing steel mesh is a low-carbon, rust-resistant metal mesh that can strengthen concrete applications such as foundations. We carry steel mesh products of excellent quality. Our customers throughout the Sunshine Coast have grown to depend on our high levels of customer service as well as the exceptional value of our products

● Whatever your steel mesh application, we have the solution for you. As the foremost construction steel Sunshine Coast, we offer you the most suitable and reliable products that you can buy for these purposes.
● We offer a wide range of standard-size steel mesh on the Sunshine Coast. Should you require steel bars for footings or steel construction dowels, we can manufacture them according to your project specifications.
● Our steel products include all standard sizes of square and trench mesh, custom prefabricated footing cages, deformed bars, plain reinforcing round bar, ligatures, and starter and corner bars. We also carry around dowels and dowel caps.


We Are Well Established Steel Suppliers For The Sunshine Coast And Gold Coast

We have been actively involved in the building and construction industry in the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast for years, firmly establishing ourselves within our field over the years. We have gained and effectively maintained a firm reputation for our no-nonsense, professional approach and the calibre of our products.


We understand the importance of having your materials on-site precisely when you need them.

We have perfected our processes over many years of service—as a result, our delivery service is supremely efficient. We can get your materials, from construction steel to premix concrete, to a site exactly when you need them.


We are seasoned industry professionals

Our team has vast experience in building and construction. We are always ready to offer practical advice on products and their correct applications, regardless of the size and scope of your project.
● We take personal pride in every successful project that we have participated in with our customers. From small residential projects to major commercial builds, we deliver genuine value.


About Reocrete


Over the years, we have established ourselves as much more than just a materials supplier. We form lasting partnerships with all our customers.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Concrete Sunshine Coast

Get Fair Prices and Superior-Quality Concrete and Delivery in the Sunshine Coast From Our Suppliers

Are you looking for the best premix concrete in the Sunshine Coast? You’ve come to the right place. Concrete comes in a wide variety of densities, sizes, and strengths. Which one you require depends solely on what you intend to do with it: nearly every type of concrete application is different and requires a different type of concrete.

Whether you are building a garden pathway, a driveway, decorative concrete slabs, a retaining wall, a building foundation, or a high-rise building, we have the ideal premix concrete solution for you. We also offer highly efficient onsite concrete delivery in the Sunshine Coast, ensuring that your premix arrives exactly when and where you need it.


What You Should Know About Concrete Prices in the Sunshine Coast

Price is often the largest determining factor in buying concrete, regardless of the application

● When buying concrete for your project, your goal should not be to get it as cheaply as possible. Rather, aim for the best quality available for your specific purpose at the most competitive pricing. We deliver superior quality with every product that we supply, but we also uphold a commitment to delivering that superior quality at highly competitive prices.
● Dealing with Reocrete for your premix concrete requirements means that you can achieve optimal productivity on your construction site. We all know that concrete cannot sit too longbefore compacting. We ensure that your concrete arrives onsite exactly when you need it.
● We are highly experienced with work on sites involving all concrete grades, from residential buildings to commercial pipelines to roads to public infrastructure such as dams, schools, and malls. You will benefit from our knowledge of different concrete applications as well as our experience delivering premix concrete to diverse sites, from urban and suburban settings to rural and remote areas.



Choose Reocrete as Your Preferred Concrete Suppliers in the Sunshine Coast

When working with a supplier, it is always beneficial to deal with someone who is not only knowledgeable on the product that they supply but also technically proficient in the different applications of that product.

We are seasoned industry professionals

Each team member has a solid background in building and construction. This means that you don’t have to waste time and endure the inconvenience of trying to explain to a layman what you require and why. Our team may even be able to advise you on the best product for your application.


We are fully committed to providing the best customer service on the market today.

We work hard at building long-term professional relationships with our customers, keeping abreast of their projects so that we are always in the best position to cater to their every requirement.


We are well-established

Reocrete is deeply entrenched within the local building and construction industry with a solid reputation for quality and service.

About Reocrete


We are the Gold Coast’s foremost suppliers of premix concrete of all grades and for all applications, as well as steel mesh reinforcing products for footings and foundations.

Contact us today for more information.