Planning a renovation? 5 ways to prevent budget blowout

We’re experienced in construction and have poured a few slabs around new home builds. The apprehension and excitement that comes with renovation can overshadow money matters until it’s too late. You’ll have a lovely home, but can end up with some excess debt you don’t need.     Organise your quotes The builder, the concrete Read more about Planning a renovation? 5 ways to prevent budget blowout[…]

concrete delivery

Concrete delivery, tools and general worksite etiquette

Trades on a worksite can have been on the job for a long time or only just started. But whether it’s the concrete delivery person or a first year apprentice chippie, everyone’s expected to follow the rules and regulations.   Show up on time Clients, colleagues, and the work that’s getting done rely on the Read more about Concrete delivery, tools and general worksite etiquette[…]

concrete suppliers

5 questions to ask concrete suppliers

Concrete suppliers do more than supply the materials that hold your home together. They juggle multiple projects, deliveries, and a fleet of trucks that bring you what you need. The Reocrete team does our best to meet customer expectations and answer any questions. Here’s some of the most common, ones that might already be on Read more about 5 questions to ask concrete suppliers[…]

concrete suppliers in brisbane

Tools of the trade for concrete suppliers in Brisbane

Concrete suppliers in Brisbane are valuable to renovation and commercial projects everywhere. You can’t do any building work without it. Concrete suppliers have their own tools as well that are necessary to their work.   Well, the essential tool is the concrete mix itself. This is a blend of cement, aggregate and sand There’s a Read more about Tools of the trade for concrete suppliers in Brisbane[…]

concrete prices

Budgeting your renovation, from the scope to concrete prices

Concrete prices, the amount of concrete you need, and how you can afford to pay your trades are some of the practicalities that come with renovating. Building and renovation projects are exciting and some people might’ve ‘caught the bug’ after watching the reality shows on TV. Programs like The Block, House Rules and Reno Rumble, Read more about Budgeting your renovation, from the scope to concrete prices[…]


Setting your plans in concrete

Planning a renovation or building project requires awareness, patience, and materials like concrete and rebar. You’ve met the interior designer to pick out paint colours and beento the furniture shop for a new couch. Getting the practical details right, though, is important.   (Tensile) strength Concrete and rebar –  one won’t exist without the other Read more about Setting your plans in concrete[…]

flexibility with concrete

Flexibility with concrete

The words ‘concrete’ and ‘flexible’ aren’t two you’d imagine go together. But concrete has a lot of versatility, making it a popular choice in construction, design and even art.   Shape-shifting Wood is all angles and sharp corners. Trades need to use loud machine tools to get the wood the way they want it to Read more about Flexibility with concrete[…]


Aggregate or coloured concrete? Choosing a finish

Exposed aggregate concrete is one of the options you can choose for your renovation needs. Concrete isn’t a “one type fits all” material. Some customers ask for a smooth grey type. Others go slightly outside the box. Here’s a list of finishes that might help you decide what’s best for you. Exposed aggregate Concrete is Read more about Aggregate or coloured concrete? Choosing a finish[…]

concrete design ideas

Concrete Design Ideas

Concrete has an unglamorous image as something councils use to make footpaths and this isn’t fair. Its design applications for the home are endless, both outside and in. Concrete isn’t just a boring material you only use for making driveways. We’ve listed its other design uses below. Patios These are found in any home, whether Read more about Concrete Design Ideas[…]