Do 3D Printed Houses Require Reinforced Concrete?

3D printing is used everywhere from the fashion industry to the medical industry, and houses are not left behind. Revolutionary 3D printed tiny-homes are now a reality. Large scale 3D printing is now being used in bigger construction projects to build entire mini concrete Brisbane houses, buildings, and a lot more. 3D printing is certainly showing its benefits and amazing patterns on the walls of urban houses, it has become an asset for construction projects.

3D Printing for Construction

Surely the 3D printing technique has become an inspiration and a new tool for civil engineers. New technologies are being used nowadays, for example- a 3D printed concrete house can be printed directly in one go, or in different parts to assemble later. New materials are also being used in order to create such amazing construction projects. New technologies like robotic arms are being used which are capable to print entire structure very fast.

Use of Reinforced Concrete for 3D Printed Houses

In conventional reinforced cement concrete, the rebar used is of a diameter ranging between 6mm-35mm, which gets difficult to incorporate into the printing process. If any kind of reinforcement is to be used with 3D printing, then the rebar diameter should be kept very small to allow for manipulation later.

What is Ferrocement?

Ferrocement is a form of reinforced concrete that is made up of densely spaced layers of mesh reinforcement Brisbane or steel rods of very small diameter enclosed in a mortar to form thin sections. Ferrocement is being used widely in the construction industry due to its benefits like low skilled labor requirements, fabricated into any desired shape, long life, ease of construction, and less weight.

Benefits of 3D Printed Houses

  • 3D printing is not only used to print homes, but it can also be used in a wide variety of minor construction projects.
  • The precision of printers used in 3D printing helps in saving resources and energy. Also, immediate houses can be built in the of a disaster.
  • A 3D printed house costs less, however, the cost majorly depends on the complexity, size, and timing. A 215 square ft. house requires approximately 10 days to build.

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Rebar Tie Positioning Within Your Concrete Foundation

Rebars or reinforcement bars are extremely necessary for the structural stability of any construction project, as it ensures the building is crack resistant and strong. Concrete however, lacks tension strength and can crack easily. The presence of the rebars reinforce the concrete and helps to hold it in the compressed state. Reinforcing mesh Brisbane is found in a multitude of constructions.

Rebars should be placed in concrete that measures at least five to six inches in depth. They have to be placed either at the centre or a little above the slab’s centre. This is why the thickness and quality of a concrete slab matters. The steel rebar also has to be placed in the correct location for maximum structural benefit. Placing it in the wrong place can cause major structural failures.

Things to Keep in Mind When Placing a Rebar Tie

To begin with, the rebars should be tied properly into a meshed structure before placing the same on the concrete. There are some important points that have to be remembered while tying the rebars.

  • The rebar frame has to be placed correctly on the slab, not too high or too low. If it is placed incorrectly then the load-bearing capability will suffer hugely and the structure can develop cracks.
  • Professional builders are aware of the basic laws regarding placement of a rebar tie. They will never pour premix concrete in Brisbane on top of a rebar structure or place a rebar structure on fresh concrete.
  • The rebars have to be reinforced with the help of steel wires at the main points. This helps in maintaining balance and strength irrespective of the weight of the metal in the structure.
  • Professional builders will always use metal wires for strengthening the bars rather than lower quality alternatives.
  • The rebars should be secured properly to avoid displacement. The tie wires for steel bar in Brisbane have to be secured at the right points. They should be wrapped in four-pound coils. Ideally, annealed wire of 16 gauges or more should be used. In case of more heavy reinforcement wire, you can even use 14 gauges for holding the rebar in the right position.
  • If you happen to be using rebar that has been coated with epoxy, then plastic PVC ties can also be utilised. Some builders use Snap-on ties that can be snapped together using ones hands. This method is less expensive and quite easy.
  • Ideally, every intersection of the rebar has to be tied for maximum support. The ties do not actually make the structure strong. They prevent the rebars from getting displaced when the concrete is being poured.
  • The tie wires should be placed at the right depth from the surface so that the rebar does not rust. It also prevents the concrete from eroding.


Rebar tie positioning becomes important when the instructions and blueprints of the construction are not being followed to the ‘t’. If the builder is a true professional and follows the specified number of bars in the design blueprint then there is nothing to worry about regarding the positioning of the rebars. And of course, a specialised builder will purchase the right number of quality bars and from steel suppliers Brisbane for the best possible results.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Polish Concrete

You need to adopt some vital measures to polish concrete correctly. In order to achieve perfection in your job of polishing concrete, you must go through a step by step procedure. This will help to give you the desired results. Along with this, you may also need proper tools and equipment to execute the task. For effective polishing, you should have machines with abrasives that will assist in grinding the concrete surface to a smooth level. And, you may need to move from rougher grit to smooth grit abrasives – this will produce a stunning finish that looks glossy. To the opinion of concrete suppliers Brisbane, you may polish concrete either with dry or wet techniques. The wet method is preferred more as it has emerged easy, fast, and environmentally-friendly.

Given below are some crucial steps to polish concrete:

1. Prepare the area that you need to polish:

Before you start work on the concrete floor, the area you need to polish needs some preparation. The time of your preparation will directly depend on the condition of the surface. You need to sweep and mop the area to eliminate all the dirt and dust on it. Now remove all the coatings or sealers that you may have applied recently to the surface. Make sure that you have repaired all the cracks or blemishes on the surface.

2. Use a rough grit abrasive disc:

After you have cleaned and repaired the surface, you need to start the process of polishing. You may require several diamond abrasive disc types and a concrete grinder at this stage. Polish the surface with a rough grit abrasive disc. This helps in eliminating all the stains available on the surface along with rough areas. You must use the correct technique when polishing the surface to get the desired results. The proper technique may include moving the grinder in circular motions. You may also begin from a specific section of the surface and systematically and gently to the areas. You ought to cover the entire surface without missing even a single area. You may seek assistance from leading reinforcing mesh Brisbane in getting the job done.

3. Use smooth grit abrasive disc:

After using the rough grit abrasive, you need to use the smooth grit abrasive disc. The biggest advantage of this disc is that it will offer your surface a shiny and sleek look. It is often linked with polished concrete.

4. Use extra smooth grit abrasive disc:

Now in the final step, you need to use the grinder along with an extra smooth grit abrasive disc. It will help in grinding the surface. The purpose of the fourth step is to ensure that all the stains and marks have been eliminated from the surface. And, it gives you a smooth and sleek surface. The concrete prices Brisbane has been in the competitive range and will not disrupt your budget.

5. Apply surface polish coating:

Soon after the polishing of the surface is finalised, you must protect it from any damages or harms. You may add a coat of concrete surface polish that will offer great protection to the surface.


The above steps will prove handy in protecting your surface from any possible damage. The five steps guide will allow you to execute the job independently without obtaining any help from an expert. It will help you give your surface the required touch to make it look smooth and sleek. Several leading steel suppliers Brisbane offers their crucial inputs in polishing the concrete surface with correct technique and tools.


Summer is officially upon us and it’s heating up! How is Your Pool Surround?

Every time summer rolls around, pool time becomes one of the most favourite pass time for families. Owning a pool, especially with children, can be a delight. Often, pools are built using premix concrete Brisbane and while these pools are heavily durable, as with everything and as time passes, depreciation occurs. Many of these concrete pools succumb to cracks due to excessive exposure to heat.

At Reocrete we have assisted various customers with this issue, so keep reading to find out everything there is to know about these pesky cracks.

What Are These Cracks?

If you are on the lookout for concrete Brisbane pools then you may have heard several conflicting opinions. This is because concrete pools are really sturdy but at the same time have issues like rough edges, discolouration, a need for resurfacing, and cracks.
Pool cracks tend to occur more frequently due to excessive heat and volatile weather conditions. They can also be attributed to structural inconsistencies and lack of quality construction. Concrete suppliers Brisbane can provide you with solutions to deal with cracks.

How to Deal with Cracks?
There are a few things you can do to manage the formation of pool cracks:

1. Ensure you use High Quality Concrete:
To simply avoid cracks, one can invest in premium quality concrete. One of the best concrete providers around the area would be Reocrete. We, at Reocrete, provide numerous products to help you make your pool sturdy, structurally sound and sustainable. You can pick from our high-quality premix concrete.
2. Proper Construction:
If you wish to go a step above and make your concrete pool extremely secure then you can opt for our premium-quality steel bar mesh. We also have square mesh as well as trench mesh. We do have these in standard sizes but it can all be easily customised as per your requirements. Thus you will be able to build a solid concrete Brisbane pool.
3. Cover These Cracks:
To deal with these pesky cracks you can order our premix concrete to cover the cracks. There are many ways to mend the cracks – with putty, concrete, or going all the way with a smoothening grinder. The choice is ultimately yours, however we can help you with the best solution as per your requirements.
4. Protect your Pool:
We know that there is no definitive way to completely shield your pool from the heat. However, you can offer your pool more protection by having it checked by professionals from time to time.


Since your pool is practically a part of the family, you must invest in quality. Contact the best concrete delivery Brisbane to rid you of any frustrating crack issues during summer.

Benefits of Using a Small Cement Mixer

Small cement mixers are generally used at construction sites for mixing various types of aggregates like lime, gravel, and sand. They are also used for mixing concrete or cement. A typical model of a small cement mixer comprises of a rotating cement mixer bowl, a powered motor that can rotate the contents of the mixer bowl, and a handle. This handle is used by the operator to change the position of the bowl when the mixture is ready. It has to be poured out after mixing.

Small cement mixers are handy. They can be stationary or can be moved to a certain place. They can also be mounted on trucks to ease the process. Despite its benefits, premix concrete Brisbane is being used extensively nowadays, as it is ready to use concrete. Below are some of the benefits of using a small cement mixer which makes it a convenient option for mixing-

Benefits of a Small Cement Mixer

  • Saves time: This is the most important benefit of using a small cement mixer, it saves time and effort. A cement mixer not only saves time and effort, but it will mix the contents like steel bar Brisbane properly and the workers can focus on other aspects of construction in the meanwhile.
  • Saves money: It saves you money since you don’t need extra employees to manually mix the concrete and cement. The only thing you need is a small cement mixer.
  • Physical strain: Investing in a small cement mixer can save you from any kind of physical strain that may arise from mixing manually. There is a great amount of pressure that is put on the shoulders when mixing aggregates like gravel, sand, or reinforcing mesh Brisbane. You can suffer from back and shoulder pain.
  • Easy and convenient: One of the key benefits of using a mixer is convenience. It is very easy to use and requires no specialization. Also, it is portable; you can move it near where the construction is happening. The mixer has a particular wheelbarrow base and its small size makes it easier to move around quickly. So it offers great flexibility for the workers.


These were some of the amazing benefits of using a small mixer. For more information or for your very own concrete delivery Brisbane, feel free to contact us. We are the leading concrete delivery suppliers in Brisbane.

5 Ways Concrete Can Fail & How to Avoid it

Concrete is the main construction material that is used for the creation of roads, pavements, apartment blocks, houses and many other things. It is the binding substance that is composed of cement and sand, which after mixing with water gets hardened with time. Concrete Brisbane is highly used in construction work due to its properties like resistance to heat and fire, durability, and mechanical strength. Apart from all these strengths, concrete failure takes place if careful measures are not taken.

Here are 5 ways concrete can fail and ideas on how to avoid it:

1. Use of Improper Raw Materials

The raw materials that are used to make concrete should be of good quality and mixed in just the right proportion. If the bad quality materials are used to make concrete then it fails. The strength is not achieved which is desired in this main construction element. Also, the ratio and proportion of these raw materials  are important. Otherwise, the result obtained will be negative and of poor quality.

  • Solution: Use the right materials in the right proportion.

2. Insufficient Quality Control and Supervision

Insufficient supervision and less-skilled workers can lead to concrete failure. The knowledge which experts hold and can advise while making concrete cannot be obtained from low-level workers. The right proportions and good quality materials can only be judged by experts in this field.

  • Solution: Employ skilled labourers and engineers who know the details. Contact steel suppliers Brisbane for better understanding.

3. Overloading Concrete

There are different kinds of concrete available to serve different purposes. For example, reinforced concrete should be used if the structure has to bear heavyweights. Some people, who are not experts in this field and are low-skilled, use the wrong type of concrete which ultimately leads to failure.

  • Solution: Right type of concrete and concrete prices Brisbane should be kept in mind to serve the purpose. Also, if you try to cut down the costs by using poor strength concrete then you might have to pay even higher when the structure fails!

4. Water or Air Accumulation

Concrete fails when air or water gets trapped inside the surface and starts accumulating. This results in the higher water to cement ratio, which decreases the strength of concrete. That particular area gets weakened and fails whenever higher weights are put on it.

  • Solution: The ambiance should be taken care of. It should not be moist and tests can be conducted to check the air/water content in concrete.

5. Alkali-Silica Reaction

When silica agents react and causes the concrete to expand, an alkali-silica reaction can occur.  They react to form an expansive gel-like substance which is the cause of failure of concrete. It results in crack formation. Although this is not a very common way that concrete creation fails, it still should not be overlooked.

  • Solution: Ensure that silica aggregates do not come in contact with humidity.


We hope this post gives you an insight into concrete failure and its reasons. We, as concrete suppliers Brisbane, tried to be as informative as possible. Still, for any queries, feel free to contact us.

Placing Reinforcing Mesh, How Does This Work?

Reinforcing mesh has emerged as a significant part of concrete structures. When you place reinforcing mesh, it will make sure that the concrete receives adequate strength. It helps in absorbing the tensile forces. It also helps in avoiding cracking. The presence of concrete makes sure that the compressive forces get absorbed with ease. Reinforcing mesh is available in various types of sizes and shapes. Have you ever thought – how does the placement process of these mesh function? You can obtain robust mesh reinforcement Brisbane at a competitive price range. Given below are the vital details about how the placement process of mesh works:

Different Types of Mesh and Shapes:

First and foremost,  you need to decide what type of mesh is required including the shape of mesh. You may find reinforcing mesh in various different shapes and sizes. They are also equipped with different wire spacing. The final decision entirely depends on how much load that concrete requires to withstand. Most often it is the constructor who makes this calculation. Additionally, you can also get reinforcing mesh galvanised. When you galvanise mesh, it can significantly prevent all sorts of corrosion. Corrosion can be defined as a chemical process due to which something deteriorates as a result of oxidation. It is a chemical action that produces oxides which flake away from the base; this occurs due to external factors. Reinforcing mesh Brisbane can fulfil all your needs.


The next step you need to take into consideration is the size of mesh. If you have no familiarity to deal with such scenarios it is wise to take professional advice. It will help in eliminating all sorts of confusions and surprises in the end. It will also ensure that the reinforcing mesh and concrete will offer and guarantee the maximum result. The moment you are certain of the type of mesh you require, you can place its order. There are various companies available which can provide you customised mesh at cost-effective prices. The mesh can be customised and follow all your requirements. You can buy top quality steel bar Brisbane at an economical price.

Tips to Place the Mesh:

The mesh will then be placed where you want to pour the concrete. However, before you go on to pour the concrete, make sure to place the reinforcing mesh at the right height. You can do so with the assistance of concrete spacers. If there is a double layer of the reinforcing mesh, you can place lattice girders between the mesh. As soon as the reinforcing mesh has been placed, you can pour the concrete.


The above points will help in clarifying how the placing of reinforcing mesh functions. If you are planning to buy steel reinforcing mesh Brisbane, you can find many leading sellers online. You can buy them in various shapes and sizes as per your requirement, or you may choose to get it customised to meet your needs and specifications.

5 Reasons Why Concrete is Your Best Patio Choice

Concrete has emerged as a popular material all over the globe. It is manufactured from the mixture of cement, water, and aggregate. In construction work, concrete has become one of the most important and useful materials. There are several types of concrete. As per your work nature, you can use the type of concrete that you need. If you are thinking of installing a new patio or getting your old patio repaired, you should opt for concrete. Concrete Brisbane has mentioned some of the major reasons why concrete should be your best patio choice, keep reading to find out!

Given below are the top 6 reasons for using concrete:

1. Less Maintenance:

Using concrete will mean that you require far less maintenance to keep your concrete patio radiant and shining throughout the day. You only need to clean the patio once in 15 – 30 days to keep the concrete free from debris. Just sweeping with a broom on a regular basis is what you need to do to keep it dirt-free. Hosing down or using a gerni (which is more intense) every now and then will ensure your patio is clean 24/7.

2. Long-lasting:

Concrete lasts for a very long period and as time passes, the concrete patio becomes robust. Concrete patio’s offer resistance from erosion and can withstand high traffic. It also eliminates the requirement of reconstruction for a long period thus saving your money and time. Concrete prices Brisbane are not very high and will remain in your budget.

3. Heat-Resistant:

It offers great resistance from fire as it does not burn. This quality has turned it into the perfect construction material for your patio. If it comes in contact with fire or hot flames, the structure will remain free from any harm. It has emerged perfectly for BBQ or garden parties.

4. Affordable:

Concrete is extremely economical if you are planning to redesign your patio. The installation cost, labour processes, and maintenance costs are quite low. Therefore, with a concrete patio you can easily save a huge amount of your money and use it for other important purposes.

5. Colours!

At Reocrete, we stock a wide range of coloured concrete to suit your patio perfectly!


Concrete has emerged as environment-friendly, cost-effective, and durable, not to mention you do not have to spend a fortune on its maintenance. With time, the durability of concrete witnesses a sharp rise. If you are planning to install new patio flooring, opt for concrete as your family will receive safety and security. You can buy concrete from leading concrete suppliers Brisbane at economical prices! So, get in touch today with Reocrete – your one stop concrete shop!

How to Decide Which Concrete is Right for Your Home

Building your dream home requires making a number of calculative decisions along with considering numerous expenses which are crucial and unfortunately unavoidable. Concrete selection is one such decision which needs to be carefully considered. That is why it is important to know which type of concrete you must employ for your construction.

Concrete comes in different kinds of mixes, consistencies, and types. It is better to be aware of all the types before making a purchase. Read about these various concrete Brisbane mixes down below:

1. Dry Ready Mix:

The first and the most heavily used concrete mix is dry mix which can be procured in large quantities. This concrete is easy to create by using a mixture of water (added in directed quantity) and dry concrete. This mixture will take minutes to be ready. Dry Ready Mix can be used for various projects. It is usually made use of in small work projects.

2. Ready Mix:

As the name suggests, ready mix concrete comes with a premix concrete Brisbane with water. The ready mix comes with proper consistency and has to be used up right away. This type of concrete usually arrives with the help of a cement company who also assist in pouring the mixture. Ready mix is suitable for medium as well as small projects.

3. Transit Mix Concrete:

Transit mix concrete involves advantages of “ready mix concrete” but for a larger quantity. In transit mix concrete, a large truck arrives with the concrete mixture which has to be used instantly. This type of concrete works perfectly for very large surfaces, which need a simple one-pour concrete action. Concrete prices Brisbane have suggested that transit mix concrete is more on the pricey side however, matches the requirement of large cement slabs.

4. Bulk Dry Materials:

Bulk Dry material concrete is generally used by those who can mix concrete on their own and have bulky equipment to support the whole process of mixing and pouring.

Decorative Concrete:

Apart from the basic concrete mixes which suffice the construction needs, there are decorative concretes which create more of an aesthetic option while designing a space.

1. Etching Pre-Designed Concrete

Etching pre-designed concrete type has several designs etched to the surface of the concrete. This concrete type fares well on walls. Etchings come in several different designs. For instance, some slabs feature contemporary designs while some have a classical design. Concrete suppliers Brisbane also houses a wide range of designs depending upon the style of the homeowner.

2. Stamping Concrete:

This type of concrete also has a design but it generally showcases a pattern, also called as ‘stamp.’ Stamping concrete works great as designer concrete floors. It adds a very chic décor without being heavy on the wallet. Concrete Brisbane showcases several stamps on their stamping concrete.

3. Sandblasting Concrete:

In sandblasting concrete, the surface depicts a sand-like textured surface. The whole process of creating a sandblasting concrete is expensive and time-consuming but the end result is very classy.

With all these options at hand, you can select any type of concrete depending upon your requirement, budget, project-scale, etc.

Types of Welded Wire Mesh and Its Various Applications

Wire mesh reinforcement is one of the most common construction elements for industrial as well as commercial applications. In layman’s terms, it refers to the horizontal distance, also known as length, of intertwined wires that form a barrier. It forms an integral part of the construction and is used as a popular and effective tool for construction purposes. Mesh reinforcement in Brisbane is one of the most important aspects of using a wire mesh. It is the key factor which determines whether or not a piece of welded wire mesh would be able to withstand a powerful impact.

Plus, reinforcing mesh in Brisbane also has a close link with the construction pattern in the city. Most buildings involve steel bar in Brisbane and so the supporting materials should be such that it should complement the steel bars. This is the reason why steel reinforcing mesh in Brisbane matters.

Types of Welded Wire Mesh
The process of welding determines which type of welded wire mesh is suitable for a particular construction and which can be used effectively. Here is a list of the classification of different kinds of welded wire mesh based on their construction:

1. PVC Welded Wire Mesh:
For protection from corrosion, manufacturers of PVC welded wire mesh apply protective PVC powder coatings on the surface of this type of wire mesh. Not only does it protect the metal part in the internal surface, but also adds colour to the product.

2. Galvanised Wire Mesh:
Galvanisation is a process which involves the use of zinc for the coating of a surface. The same holds true for galvanised wire mesh. Manufacturers use two distinct processes to execute this task: electro process and hot dipped process. While the former makes for a shiny surface, the latter takes away the shine from the surface.

3. Welded Stainless Steel Wire Mesh:
Wire mesh made of welded stainless steel consists of uniform steel barrier at the intersections. Owing to its ease of use and high reliability, most industries use this steel reinforcing mesh Brisbane for barbed fencing.

Applications of Welded Wire Mesh
Reinforcing mesh finds a commonplace in various sectors. Although construction companies generally use it for fencing, it also has a number of other uses. For instance, construction companies also use it for wire cloth, screen doors and in the reinforcement of concrete. One of the major advantages of using welded wire mesh is that one can use it to make nets with small or fine openings. Thus, it is the ideal material for different kinds of screens.

Final Thoughts:
From the above, it becomes clear why construction companies are keen on reinforcing mesh in Brisbane these days. Among other things, mesh reinforcement determines the use of the other materials for a particular construction.