Effective Tips to Prevent Concrete Cracks

Concrete Brisbane has already become a trustworthy, long-lasting, and cost-effective construction material. Despite possessing these qualities, concrete still remains vulnerable to several kinds of damage and one of the common of these is cracking. Cracks in concrete occur due to several factors. When concrete bears excessive weight, it may break concrete or shift the soil under the slab. Erosion can subsequently lead to cracking in concrete. It is also important to consider that not every kind of soil is perfect for working with concrete. The soil should not have any moisture and should be free from tree roots.

Here are some tips on how you can prevent concrete cracks:

1. Bring down water content in concrete

When there is a low water to cement ratio, it will improve the quality of concrete. The ratio can is the weight of water to the weight of cement used. When there is a low water to cement ratio, it will lead to strong strength in concrete and reduced cracks. It is ideal to maintain less water content as it will boost the robustness of concrete. Concrete tends to expand and shrink as temperatures change. The major tendency of concrete is to shrink. Shrinkage has emerged as the root cause of cracks in concrete. As concrete begins to harden, it will evaporate excess water and shrink. Therefore, if the water content is low, shrinkage will also remain low. You should remain aware of the concrete prices Brisbane.

2. Effective curing of concrete

It is imperative to prevent the fast loss of water from surface or concrete drying as it may cause excess drying of the slab. It is advised to cure the concrete slab for many days. You can cover the concrete slab with cotton mats soaked in water. You may also opt to spray on curing compound as it can effectively prevent water loss. Never subject concrete to heavy weights during the curing phase. The curing phase can last for up to a month. You must strengthen your concrete with the correct curing product. Curing agents can effectively produce smooth, flat, and long-lasting concrete floors.

3. Effective placement and vibration

If you have an effectively placed, vibrated, and finished concrete, it will diminish the possibilities of generating cracks. For the right placement and vibration, you should contact concrete suppliers Brisbane.

4. Effective compaction of soil

Proper compaction of soil is crucial to eliminate settlement cracks in concrete. The area of the concrete slab should be compacted as this will prevent settlement cracks in concrete later on. If you leave the soil loose, it will settle over time and may produce cracks on the surface. This is as applicable in home renovation as it is for construction on the highways.


The aforementioned tips will certainly go a long way in preventing concrete cracks. You can procure top quality steel from leading steel suppliers Brisbane at economical prices. You can avoid concrete cracks by selecting top quality cement mix that will react in the best way with accurate water content. And, the cement mix should contain a solid and dense aggregate to bring down shrinkage risk. You should avoid products that will include dirty aggregates and accelerators as they may enhance concrete shrinkage.

Tips to Use Steel Mesh Reinforced Concrete

Steel reinforced mesh is in demand these days and are being widely used in construction projects. These meshes play a high hand in strengthening the construction structure and shaping it in such a way that it can serve its purpose for years offering long-lasting services. The reinforcing mesh Brisbane enhances the integrity of the structures and also proves to be sturdy in the long run. So if you are someone who has stepped up to the construction profession or are on the verge of designing your own paradise, here are a few helpful tips for you:

Concrete and steel mesh combo

Mesh can be installed in concrete structures using a number of methods. One such method involves laying down the mesh over a premix concrete Brisbane layer. Another concrete layer is then used to cover the mesh creating a ‘sandwich’ which involves a concrete layer at top and bottom with a mesh layer in between the two. This method is usually done to provide strength to the structure, but it can cause issues in merging the two concrete layers. A better way out is to pour the concrete all at once with the mesh held in between making use of plastic support.

Right mesh

In order to strengthen the structure, choosing the right sort of mesh is of utmost importance. Be particular about the type, size, and amount required so that things fall at the right place.

Diffusion of forces

Reinforced mesh is capable of absorbing and distributing force over the structure. This aids in minimising any damage caused. To make reinforced mesh, you can lay down the steel bars in a lateral format over the areas where the tension force is maximum. But while positioning the mesh, ensure that it is uniformly placed with adequate spacing all through the concrete to enhance the strength of the constructed area.

Be smart about the mesh amount and cuts

Steel mesh does not require rocket science for its installation and is available in rolls and sheet formats. While the size of the latter is predefined and evenly cut, the former needs to be cut as per the needs and the area where it is to be reinforced.

Bending of bars

The steel bar ridges help in maintaining contact between the concrete and the mesh. But the mesh can slip owing to the high level of tension. In order to stop such slippage, consider bending the tips of the steel bar Brisbane  when they are inserted in the structure. This further builds a stronger foundation and also bonds the concrete effectively.


Now since you know a few handy tips while using reinforced mesh, what are you waiting for? Contact us to avail a wide range of mesh types and concrete delivery Brisbane. Ranging from rectangular to square-shaped, we have it all. Not only do we provide a diverse range of mesh and other staples for construction work, but we can supply you with quality goods to fit your requisite frame.

Significance of wire mesh in a concrete driveway

Concrete structures and platforms need some kind of reinforcement. This prevents cracking and structural failure. You should get in touch with Brisbane mesh reinforcement experts to get top quality wire mesh. Many times, rebar, is inserted into the concrete before it hardens. You can also use galvanized panels of welded wire mesh as an effective substitute for rebar.

Importance of wire mesh

Are you planning to repave your driveway? You should consider using steel reinforcement. The heavy industrial vehicles are likely not going to be driving at your property as frequently. And, rebar may prove to be more than what is necessary for a residential project. In such a scenario, wire mesh has gained huge popularity for a concrete driveway. You should contact suppliers of mini concrete Brisbane to get the job done effectively.

Stop development of cracks

If your driveway or parking area is not frequently used by heavy vehicles, welded wire mesh will prove effective. The heavy-gauge welded wire mesh panels will be simple to lay in position. Welded wire mesh is highly durable and offers high tensile power. It is also quite economical when compared with rebar. It can be put into position at a fast pace than rebar. It can be preassembled.

Consistent size and spacing

Galvanized wire mesh offers consistent size and spacing. And, when concrete is poured, the stainless steel mesh panels will stay in position. You may find it difficult to avoid cracks completely when it comes to concrete. However, wire mesh reinforcement will help in holding the material together when cracks may occur. Additionally, it will also help in evenly distributing the weight of cars on your driveway. The added power of steel is quite vital in case your subgrade is not up to mark. You should speak with concrete delivery Brisbane to secure top quality concrete.

Tips to attach wire mesh to concrete

You can either hire a contractor or take up the project on your own. Ideally you will have a rough idea of the procedure. The first thing is to install the forms that will frame the driveway and retain concrete in its place before it will set. You can use gravel or any other fill material to even out grade. Soon after compressing the fill into subgrade, add steel reinforcement. Now you need to position the wire mesh approximately two inches from the forms with the help of powerful wire cutters to cut the edges. It is best to get wire mesh panelling pre-cut to size so that you may lay it directly on top of the fill with the least adjustment. When the wire mesh is in position, you need to flow the concrete, level it, and then go about curing it.


You should speak to steel reinforcing mesh Brisbane to secure galvanized and welded stainless steel wire mesh. It should be ideal for concrete reinforcement. You need to get the exact size of the wire mesh for your driveway. You can also obtain a custom size or quantity as per your requirement. Wire mesh can add significant robustness and strength to the concrete. And, when concrete settles down, wire mesh will play a crucial role in offering required support.

Quick tips to cut and bend steel reinforcing mesh into shape

Steel reinforcement has emerged as crucial for many construction projects. To use it, you need to cut and twist steel to mould into the desired shape to support the planned loads. This strengthens the structural integrity of the project. You can contact Brisbane’s reinforcing mesh experts for your entire steel reinforcing requirements. It is important to seek professional help because most people lack the required expertise to use it correctly. You should also follow set standards pertaining to cutting and bending steel.

Here are some tips below that you may consider:

Bolt cutters for cutting steel mesh

Bolt cutters are used widely for cutting steel mesh. Bolt cutters have emerged highly useful when you need to cut steel rods. The pressure produced by bolt cutters will offer a smooth and fast-break as well as giving you great precision.  However, the circumstances under which you may have to use this method may be quite limited. The method has proved to be quite an effective one in the right situations. You can contact steel bar Brisbane specialists to procure top quality steel bars.

Circular saw for cutting steel mesh

You can also opt for a circular saw that is equipped with a metal cutting blade. A circular saw can make precise and straight cuts in steel mesh. It has also become one of the most popular power saws and can slice precisely. You will find several blade sizes depending on the projects. The kind of blade you choose will help in deciding the depth of the cut. Also, it has become one of the most reliable solutions while handling an off-site prefabricated cut.

Manual saw for cutting steel mesh

If you can’t find a powered circular saw, you may have to rely on a manual saw. It will also execute the task effectively. You should speak to leading steel suppliers in Brisbane as they will help in producing exact results as long as the metal is held strongly in a place. The only problem that you may face with this option is that it may be a little time-consuming.

Bend steel mesh with a pipe and bar

You may also fix the steel into place and then opt to use a bar to knock the end down. This will produce a bend in the steel with the least effort. You will also be able to decide an angle to create a desired shape for the specific job. This has become a common onsite method now. But, if steel cannot be bent to the right angle, it may compromise the integrity level of steel.

Use your hands

When working with thin steel pieces, you can bend the rod by hand. It will test your physical skills and may prove to be tough to bend the road by hand. However, when a fast solution is sought and correct tools are unavailable, it can be a last resort.


The above tips will help you cut and bend steel reinforcing mesh into the desired shape. You can contact premix concrete Brisbane to get the job done.

Why Use Reinforced Concrete – a Quick Guide

The bond between concrete and mesh reinforcement Brisbane has worked wonders for the construction industry. The addition of steel to traditional concrete has emerged as a superb solution for making structures that are high in terms of both strength and quality. If you are planning to build a dream house or are someone involved in the construction business, then this blog post is going to help you out to understand the real benefits of using reinforced concrete.

Reinforced Concrete Properties

A good reinforced concrete stands high in terms of sustainability and quality and is structural in nature which has these properties:

  • Resistant to compression
  • Able to better combat any kind of shearing, tensile, and bending forces
  • Durable
  • Strong enough to support the load.
  • Hair cracks should be developed only within desired limits
  • A barrier to heat and sound
  • Resistant against corrosion by laying out a proper cover over the reinforcement
  • Able to be molded into preferred shape and size as per the user when taken in a fresh state
  • Enable control over the cross-sectional area

Benefits of Using Reinforced Cement Concrete

A structure that is built using reinforced concrete is highly durable and stable and is an economical option to consider as it has a minimal cost for maintenance. They also have good tensile and compressive strength and are resistant to buckling and corrosion.

Steel bar Brisbane structures are also capable of withstanding climatic changes and fire and are easily available to fit into the users’ requisite frame. They are a perfect option to consider as they are readily available and do not require any specialist expertise for its usage.

Areas of Use

Reinforced concrete is a widely used material in construction projects. Ranging from roofs to buildings and foundations, this material is used in almost every establishment. Here are a few areas in which it is found:

  • Paving carparks, airports, and other areas that witness high traffic most of the time.
  • Pre-casting electric poles and railway sleepers.
  • Structural elements, namely lintels, footings, beams, stairs, slabs, etc.
  • Weight bearing parts of structures such as bridges, water tanks, harbors, docks, bunkers, etc.


Reinforced concrete is an excellent material that is used for designing different buildings and structures. So now, since you know all the benefits and areas of usage of reinforced concrete, contact concrete delivery Brisbane for your buildings or construction projects.

The Top 5 Benefits of Premix Concrete

Concrete is one of the most important materials on any construction site. The quality of the concrete has a direct link with the strength and longevity of the structure. Here in this context, readymade concrete mix plays a vital role. The advantages of using a ready mix concrete from mini concrete Brisbane help to improve efficiency and reduce all the wastage of materials involved in the construction process.

Discussed below are the benefits of using a premix concrete on the construction site:

1. Saves Your Time

Whenever we think of anything readymade, we know it is going to save our time. So, the first benefit we get from a ready mix concrete Brisbane is the saving of your time. The materials which you will purchase will be delivered to the construction site pre-mixed. This will help you to save some time as the materials can be used instantly from the very moment it gets delivered. You need not wait for all the materials to get combined along with other materials and then water. This will help you to finish up your project on time, especially if you have a deadline.

2. Better Consistency and Quality

In construction, the measurement of materials plays an important role. You have to mix one material with another to get concrete. This needs to be made in several batches. There is a huge chance to get the measurement incorrect. When ordering ready mix concrete, it will arrive with already pre-mixture of materials and will be consistent throughout the entire batch. This will help you to improve the quality of your construction work as well.

3. Reduces the Labour Cost

It is important to find cost-effective options for your construction projects. When ordering ready mix concrete, you’re not only saving money on the materials but also on the labour charge of mixing materials at the construction site. Pre-mix concrete prices in Brisbane are not high and thus, this is a good option for people looking for quality concrete.

4. Good for All Size Projects

Concrete is probably the most common material used on a construction site. Ready-mix concrete is great for all sizes of projects from small to large. It will save both time and money and is also easy to be applied to the required location. Once it is delivered, it can be included in the required location even if there is limited access.

5. A Sustainable Source of Concrete

Mixing pre-bagged concrete can sometimes be an ineffective process. The mixer must be left running for a long time to get the correct amount of material mixed for the construction. When buying premix concrete, it has already been mixed, leading to the process of mixing in smaller batches. This will help to reduce the negative effect of your construction causing to the environment.  Readymade concrete is much friendly option for the environment.

Bottom Line

Readymade concrete is always a good option for any construction project for quick and effective results. For more details, you can contact concrete suppliers in Brisbane for further assistance.

3 Common Reasons for Concrete Cracks and What to Do About It

Concrete cracks are a very common household problem but are often misunderstood. Whenever a property owner finds a crack on their new concrete, they often assume something is wrong with the concrete or a bad quality product was used. But this is not applicable at all times. Some of the concrete cracks found are inevitable. You can hire the best concrete suppliers Brisbane to do the job of building a house but even with the best plans and designs, concrete cracks cannot be avoided.

Why Concrete Cracks?

Now you must be thinking, why do concrete cracks form? Here are the 3 most common reasons.

1. Rapid Drying of the Concrete

Once the concreting is done, the rapid drying of the wall or slab will notably increase the chance of cracking. The chemical reaction that causes the concrete to settle from the liquid state to a solid needs water. This reaction happens for several days and weeks after you pour the concrete. If it happens too quickly, cracks may appear.

2. Excess Water While Mixing

Usually concrete does not require a lot of water to achieve maximum strength. Often concrete used in residential work has too much water added to the mixture at the construction site. The more water you add the easier it is to install. But as the concrete shrinks and hardens, the water is evaporated causing a crack on the concrete wall. The wetter the concrete is the greater the shrinkage will be.

3. Lack of Control Joints

Control joints help prevent concrete cracks. The joints should be of the slab and no more than 2-3 times the thickness of the concrete.

Types of Concrete Cracks

Listed below are the 4 common types of concrete cracks:

  • Hairline crack
  • Shrinkage cracks
  • Settlement cracks
  • Structural cracks

What to Do About the Concrete Cracks?

Discussed below are some ways you can avoid concrete cracks:

  • Modify the concrete mixture: Contact premix concrete Brisbane experts for a better understanding of the ratio of the water and concrete. Be sure to choose a reputable contractor who knows the proper mixture ratio.
  • Allow more time for curing the concrete: It takes about a month for the entire curing. When waiting for the concrete to dry keep the following time in mind:
  • 24 to 48 hours, 7days (partially cured), and 28 days (fully cured).
  • Good quality concrete: Now concrete is available in different strengths and prices. It is very important to do some research before you finalise the concrete strength type with your contractor. Consult with few contractors and choose the best option suitable for you.
  • What lies below concrete: A foundation of a building is important and in the same way the soil support system beneath the concrete slab is also important. Start with a sound substrate and uniform support before pouring the concrete. You can also contact steel suppliers Brisbane for good quality products.

Bottom Line

In general, cracks can happen for a number of reasons and not always because of bad quality concrete. Cracks that are bigger than a credit card when running through the depth could be a sign of serious problems. You can consult an engineer or reinforcing mesh Brisbane expert to get the best repair solution.

Identifying the Need for Reinforcing Mesh in Concrete

As essential as construction is, it can also be a confusing field for novices. But what we all definitely know is that concrete is an essential component in almost all construction projects. This simple material allows us to create sturdy and strong buildings with ease. However, some projects have requirements that Brisbane concrete  alone cannot fulfil. This is where reinforcing mesh comes into the picture.

But what exactly is it? Who should or shouldn’t use it? Let’s take a better look.

What is reinforcing mesh?

A steel reinforcing mesh is made up of steel wires welded together in the form of a flat grid. There are many types of meshes used in construction (like carbon and fibre), though steel mesh is the most common and cost-effective. A reinforcing mesh comes in varying sizes, depending on the needs of the construction and the concrete slab size. The most common size is 150x150mm with a 4mm thickness.

A reinforcing mesh is set inside the concrete during construction. After the slab is set, the mesh inside it offers additional strength against pressure. Thus, concrete with reinforcing mesh is able to withstand much more pressure than regular concrete slabs. Contrary to popular belief, a wire mesh does not rust inside the concrete. This is because the curing of the concrete seals it completely by cutting off the oxygen that makes rusting possible. A reinforcement mesh is cost-effective on concrete prices Brisbane and prevents premature cracks in the concrete.

Another alternative to reinforcing mesh exists in the form of reinforcing bars (or rebar). Rebar is steel rods that serve the same purpose as a mesh. In most construction projects, both rebar and meshes are used together. Like the mesh, rebar also comes in variable sizes.

Who needs a reinforcing mesh?

A reinforcing mesh, while very useful, is not required in all constructions. It is important to understand where would you do and don’t need it. Most residential projects do not require a reinforcing mesh. This includes garages, pathways, and shed floors. If your driveway doesn’t see much traffic, you likely do not need a mesh either.

Larger projects that are likely to see heavy pressure need reinforcing mesh. This includes buildings, bridges, etc. Sometimes, a large project might not witness uniform pressure. In such cases, the engineers can identify the areas that need reinforcement. Some locations might just need extra reinforcement due to the age of their primary material (like old public buildings).

Even in small-scale projects, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Sometimes, the ground below might be soft. In this case, using reinforcing mesh would stop the mini concrete from sinking. Sometimes, you just know that your small construction will be under a lot of pressure (like a garage filled with heavy vehicles). In such cases too, using a mesh is a good idea.


Construction is like building your dreams into reality. And we all want our dreams to be strong. Using the right steel reinforcing mesh Brisbane in the right place would help your build something that lasts a long time.

4 Important Tips to Greater Efficiency When Working With Concrete

As a DIYer, you may find it an easy task to mix and pour concrete in your projects. However, for foundations or other structural elements, it is imperative to seek the services of expert concrete suppliers Brisbane to do the job. This will give you the desired outcome and a structurally sound building. Similarly, a regular contractor with different expertise may not have the in-depth knowledge of working with concrete that an expert concrete team who works with concrete every day has.

Below are some vital tips that will help you ensure the most effect use of concrete:

1. Tensile Strength:

The tensile strength of concrete can be understood as its resistance to various forces, such as pulling or twisting. We can cite the instance of a bridge that requires high tensile strength. A bridge tends to bend under pressure or due to weather-related changes, and it therefore must have outstanding tensile strength. Meanwhile, the foundation of a building or concrete wall will have strong tensile requirements as it settles over a period of time. Experts in reinforcing mesh in Brisbane decide tensile and compression strength by carrying out a slump test at the job site.

2. Using Concrete Slab Calculator:

Mistakes about how much concrete to use can be costly. An excessive amount may be tough to clean while too little will need a second application and consequently may not bond well. Professionals at steel suppliers Brisbane can measure the area after completing the subgrade and mixing gravel and dirt as required. You must not forget to account for the rebar and comprehend that concrete will shrink as it cures and water gets evaporated.

3. Selecting and Using a Concrete Saw:

There are four different and specific kinds of concrete saw. Each type of concrete saw is designed with a specific use in mind. A walk-behind saw has emerged as one of the most robust and precise saws and can carry out cuts with the least stress. A handheld saw can complete work around the edges. Wet saws spray water on the cut and keep the dust down for stronger visibility and firm control over the cut. Meanwhile, a diamond blade can make clean cuts which will be sharp when the work is completed.

4. Ratios

You should also have a good idea about ratios for mixing concrete. Generally, concrete proportions are four parts aggregate, one part cement, and two parts sand. It is also important to obtain top quality concrete from concrete suppliers in Brisbane. Meanwhile, the proportions may also change for some particular applications. The higher quantity of cement will add adhesiveness. And, increased sand can permit better forming. And, more aggregate will form stronger concrete. The rule for water will be “use as little as possible to hold things together.


Working with concrete requires skills and knowledge. Especially if that concrete is going to be structural or load bearing. You can rely on the experts at Reocrete for all your concreting needs.

Significance of Rebar and Its Requirement for Your Next Project

When you initiate a concrete or cement construction project, the term rebar will often be used. You should know what rebar is and its relevance to your upcoming project. What roles rebar plays for your project? The term rebar is heard commonly when you plan to use premixed concrete in Brisbane. There are different types of rebar that will be required for the project. Rebar can be explained as a steel bar that is required in concrete construction. When you add these reinforcing steel bars, you will create reinforced concrete. Rebar can effectively prevent cracks in your project when it is used in floor slabs, walls, or posts.

Discussed below are the five important facts about rebar that you should be aware of:

1. Concrete is a sponge:

Stainless steel reinforcing bars offer a reliable solution to issues linked with chloride related corrosion. This corrosion can take place in reinforced concrete structures. Areas near the sea are more prone to this as seawater and sea spray can cause early deterioration of carbon steel.

2. Recycle:

It is worth mentioning that stainless steel can be recycled without any hassle after several years of service. This has the least impact on the environment. The better performance of stainless steel will bring down the maintenance and repair costs of a comparable carbon steel-reinforced structure.

3. Easy to handle:

Stainless steel has emerged quite convenient to handle. It can be manipulated and welded, and can better endure damage and abrasion during the installation when compared with galvanized and coated steel bars. Stainless steel rebar can last up to five times longer than galvanised steel rebar corrosive conditions.

4. Economical:

Stainless steel has emerged as an economical solution for structures that may not have easy access for future repairs and maintenance. Additionally, stainless steel’s strength and corrosion resistance mean less concrete can be applied for the same result. This can effectively bring down the weight of the structure, and lead to lower transport expenses for prefabricated objects. The increased strength of some stainless steel grades over carbon steel can allow for the use of lesser metal sections. You can also buy top quality mesh reinforcement Brisbane at cost-effective prices

5. Corrosion zones:

It is important to note that stainless steel reinforcing must be used in corrosion zones. It has been designed specifically and there should be no risks of galvanic corrosion of rebar in these areas. Linking between stainless steel and carbon steel can be accomplished with couplers or lapping. Stainless steel has emerged to be highly durable and attractive to asset owners.


Rebar has emerged a significant element of concreting in Brisbane. There are various types of rebar including carbon steel, galvanized, stainless steel, and epoxy coated. Carbon steel rebar has emerged as the backbone of concrete work. It has been used in the vast majority of concrete pours. It is because it is quite economical and offers massive strength. Meanwhile, galvanized rebar is useful for the environment where corrosion is a big issue.