Our Delivery Fleet

Trucks and Mixers

The two most important elements in premixed concrete are volume and timing. When we say volume what we wish to imply is that premixed concrete cannot be transported in small quantities. Each structural element that is being constructed needs huge quantities of concrete to be laid, compacted and then set. That is why big containers are needed to transport adequate quantities of concrete. Also, the timing of the delivery of concrete is very important. This is because concrete begins to see changes in the internal lattice structure after 90 minutes of preparation which results in the hardness of concrete beginning to set in. That is why the concrete needs to be delivered to the site on time, and quickly laid and compacted.

For meeting both these requirements of huge volumes and accurate timelines, we have a fleet of trucks and mixers which ensure that your order of premixed concrete reaches your site in the correct quantity and at the right time. Even if you have a big order and one truck is not adequate, our fleet has enough trucks of different trucks to ensure that we can send multiple trucks and mixers to your site. We can also provide concrete pumps to help lay the concrete efficiently.


Mini Concrete Mixer truck

Midi Concrete Mixer truck

Maxi Concrete Mixer Truck

Twin Steer Trucks