5 factors affecting your overall concrete price

When you hear ‘concrete price’ do you think about the cost per bag? Or do you think about the overall cost it contributes to the project? We made a list of the five factors that affect your overall concrete price.

  • ReadyMix product
    Of course this is a factor of your concrete price. When you place a quote with the Reocrete team, they’ll get back to you the next day with an estimate. Your estimate depends on what you need. Do you want the bags of product by themselves? Do you want it delivered in a cement truck?


  • Subbase
    You can’t just lay your ReadyMix on the ground without making some room for it first. You have to clear out the existing dirt, grass and other bits in the area. The subbase is made of aggregate like sand and crushed rock.


  • Reinforcement
    Concrete slabs don’t exist without steel mesh, also known as rebar. It’s just not done, or safe for that matter. Rebar increases the tensile strength of the slab, turning it into a near unbreakable mass. It prevents shrinkage, cracking and gives the concrete something to ‘hold on to’. Reocrete has rebar purchasing options available depending on your needs.


  • Labour
    This is a major part of working out your final concrete price, and not a lot of people realise it. Where there’s ReadyMix to be poured, there’s people to pour it, spread it, and cure it.


  • Finish
    A grey concrete slab is the most simple finish available, but it’s not for everyone. Some commercial and most residential builds want something that gives their space extra ‘pizzazz’. Pattern stamping (aka stencilling), acid staining, and the like adds extra costs to the final concrete price.


No two projects are the same but these five factors will always show up before anything is poured. You can email Clarrie and the team for a quote here.