Do’s and Don’ts of Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting refers to the procedure of removing concrete based on methods such as sawing and drilling. The nature of this job necessitates a high level of skill and precision on the part of an individual who is tasked with reinforcing mesh Brisbane. This is the sure-fire way to avoid common mistakes when cutting through concrete.

Concrete cutting appears to be a simple and easy thing to do on the surface. However, it is necessary to remember a few things to avoid common mistakes.

This post will outline some do’s and don’ts related to concrete cutting which will help you save time, money, and hassle at once.

Concrete Cutting: Safety Guidelines

It is worthwhile to remember the common safety precautions at the time of cutting through concrete. No matter what the intent is, the fact remains that these guidelines are universal. As such, they are applicable to almost all circumstances.

Here’s a handy checklist of some safe practices that you should adopt and the ones that you should avoid when cutting concrete.

Dos: Things to Do while Cutting through Concrete

  1. Put your protective gear on before working on a concrete cutting project

The nature of all construction jobs is such that they involve noise and dust. Therefore, it is imperative on the part of construction workers to wear protective gear. It helps protect the mouth, ears, and eyes from medical conditions related to construction jobs.

Before you begin working on a concrete cutting project, make certain that you wear your protective gear comprising of earplugs, a mask, rubber boots, and protective glasses.

  1. Go slow and take it easy

While working on a project comprising of premix concrete Brisbane, it is imperative to practice patient. Making a number of shallow passes will prevent the possibility of any damage to the saw blade. Also, this approach helps shield equipment from overheating.

  1. Maintain the proper flow of water

Wet saws need a constant flow of water to keep at bay the possibility of releasing sawdust in the air. Do not forget to ensure that there is a steady flow of water. Also, use the right kind of saw blade – wet saw machine for the wet saw.

Don’ts: Things to Avoid when Cutting through Concrete

  1. Avoid using a blade that doesn’t work

Using a blade with a broken tooth or in a damaged condition can pose a risk to your safety. Plus, a damaged saw blade is also likely to make it difficult for you to cut concrete for a project involving steel bar Brisbane. You’d be better off using a fresh blade in conjunction with a blade guard.

  1. Refrain from working in a place that doesn’t have proper ventilation

A saw machine uses biofuels due to which it produces smoke. Also, it releases a considerable amount of dust thus, proper ventilation is of paramount importance to prevent the possibility of suffocation.

Final Thoughts:

Concrete cutting is all about precision and discipline. By remembering the aforementioned practices linked to concrete delivery Brisbane, you can ensure your safety along with productivity.