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We Sell Quality Dowel Bars for Concrete in Brisbane

Dowel bars are common in large construction projects such as bridges, but they also have applications in residential concrete constructions such as driveways and garden paths. The main objective of using dowel bars is to prevent the lateral and vertical movement of concrete slabs while keeping their separate units. We supply real dowel bars in Brisbane.


What Are Dowel Bars for Concrete Slabs?

A dowel bar for concrete is a special type of steel bar. It is not simply a steel rod that is placed in position and then cast into the concrete slab, as that will defeat the purpose of the real dowel.

The purpose of a dowel is to prevent the lateral and vertical movement of individual concrete slabs while allowing horizontal movement for the natural expansion and contraction of the concrete. The dowel must not attach to the concrete in the same way that a reinforced steel bar bonds to the concrete. A bond-breaking material covers the dowel to prevent bonding between the dowel and the concrete.

The dowel is inserted at the mid-depth of the slab. It must always be positioned exactly parallel to the centre line of the slabs. Any deviation will result in stress on the dowel, which will then lead to the concrete cracking.

Dowels that are correctly installed will contribute to the overall strength of the slabs by causing the adjacent slabs to bear some of the weight. They will also protect the joints from damage and prevent unnecessary maintenance due to chipping and breaking of the seams.


About Our Dowel Bars for Sale

We stock the full range of standard dowel bars. Sizes range from 32 mm to 38 mm at 460 mm long. Ideally, you’ll space the dowels 305 mm apart, so always double-check that you’re ordering enough dowels before pouring the concrete. We also stock the endcaps and special anti-bonding epoxy coating material, without which the dowels cannot properly embed in the concrete slabs.

Large construction such as bridges and roads typically includes dowel bars, but we are of the opinion that they are also a good investment for smaller projects such as sidewalks and warehouse yards.The dowels will prevent the individual slabs from misaligning over time due to earth movement or heavy traffic.


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