Everything you Need to Know About Concrete Slabs

Whether you are building a house, installing a shed, or landscaping your yard, chances are you will be looking at laying a concrete slab. With strong and durable materials, concrete slabs make the perfect foundation; however, there are some things to know and consider before starting your next project. 


What is a concrete slab?

A concrete slab is a structural feature, usually of a consistent and uniform thickness, that sets the foundation for constructions, and can be used as flooring or roofing. Slabs are typically supported and reinforced with reinforcing mesh or bars, making them a strong and secure foundation. 


What slab types are there?

Slabs are the most common use for concrete and can be used across a wide range of projects and constructions. As a result, there are two variations of slab type to tailor them to the project – these variants are called waffle slabs and conventional slabs. 


Waffle Slabs 

A waffle slab is a concrete slab built above-ground that consists of a stretched foam polystyrene pad, forming a waffle-like pattern. A waffle slab is ideal for supporting significant pressure and weight and is perfect for applications such as large family homes or commercial buildings and projects. 


Conventional Slabs 

A conventional slab is a concrete slab supported by reinforcing mesh, beam and columns. Deep holes are excavated so that the beams can penetrate into the ground, making it very strong and sturdy. Typically, a conventional slab is quite thin and the reinforcing beams are quite deep, transferring the load stress to the beams rather than the concrete. 


Concrete Used for Slabs 

Slabs require a certain strength of concrete, as not all concrete is suitable for this application. Concrete used for this application should measure at 20-25MPa to ensure adequate strength and longevity. The MPa of concrete specifies the megapascal strength of concrete, also known as its tensile strength. The MPa is important to know and match to the applications, as it shows how much stress or pressure the concrete can withstand before breaking, cracking, or becoming damaged in any way. 


Concrete professionals 

Although some smaller concrete slabs can be DIY’d, leaving it to the experts guarantees you will have a sleek, professional slab that is built to last and to withstand the stress placed on it over time. Whether you are wanting to know more about the types of concrete to use or want to chat with a professional about which slab will suit you, Reocrete is here to help. Reocrete are industry leaders in pre-mixed concrete and our expert team members can help you achieve your perfect slab. As family-owned and operated, Reocrete understands how important it is to get your slab perfect the first time, especially when it’s for your home or renovation. We take pride in ensuring our clients receive the highest quality concrete laying, with efficiency and a zero-error policy. We understand the difference only a  30 minute delay can make with the end outcome of your concrete slab, so our team has an unmatched attention to detail for every project. To learn more about concrete slabs or to organise your next concrete project, reach out to the industry experts today!