Guide to Laying a Concrete Slab

Are you planning to build a new home soon? Concrete flooring could be one of the best options for your project because mesh reinforced floor is durable and will outlast most other flooring options. In addition, concrete is moisture resistant and energy efficient. In this post, we offer important tips for laying a concrete slab. If you are planning to add a concrete floor, read on for insights on how to ensure a strong and long lasting concrete surface.

Choose Professional Concrete Suppliers Brisbane

The top secret to ensuring a lasting concrete floor is choosing the right concrete supplier. Experienced professionals will make sure the premixed concrete undergoes all the important stages in preparation, and the right ratios are observed when mixing it. When sourcing premixed concrete QLD, you need to verify that the company has a good reputation for the supplying and pouring of concrete. Do not choose a concrete supplier Brisbane based on price alone. Remember to:

  • Do some research to find potential concrete contractors
  • Look for experienced professionals who understand the right procedures for mixing concrete
  • Ask for recommendations from friends and relatives
  • Compare prices

Working with professional concrete suppliers guarantees you the best results and saves money.

Prepare the Ground Appropriately

Make sure the ground is prepared appropriately. Start with marking the area where you are going to cast the slab. You could use the wooden pegs to mark the area where the professional concrete suppliers Queensland will pour the concrete. Dig deep enough so the surface will accommodate the sub base and damp-proof membrane. Factor in the concrete slab thickness to make sure you prepare the ground appropriately.

Predetermine How much Concrete You Need

Before you contact a concrete company in Brisbane, it is essential to predetermine the amount of concrete you will need. Engage a professional builder to guide you when it comes to calculating the amount of concrete needed for your area. You could use an online concrete calculator but make sure you arrive at the area dimensions correctly.

Use Mesh Reinforcement

For the concrete surface to last for years, you will need to ensure proper reinforcement. High-quality steel bars from a trusted supplier will help you reinforce the surface properly. Note that steel is used for reinforcing concrete more than any other material. Steel makes a good choice for reinforcing concrete because it guards the surface from cracking.

Observe Health and Safety Guidelines

Do not go to a construction site without wearing the recommended protection gear. Remember that concreting is an extremely labor-intensive job, one that requires patience and dedication to achieve optimal results. Therefore, you and your staff must wear safety equipment when working with concrete.


Laying a concrete slab is often the most critical stage of a construction project. It is important to follow the guidelines set above or you may end up with a weak concrete surface, which is dangerous for any construction project. Remember to engage an experienced concrete supplier in Brisbane.