Concrete Ipswich

Concrete Delivery and Prices From Suppliers in Ipswich

You have two options for concrete: mix it onsite or have it conveniently delivered. We provide an extensive range of premix concrete in Ipswich for homeowners and construction companies. We deliver every load on time so that there is no delay in your schedule.


About Our Concrete

Our premix concrete is available in five standard strength grades. Choosing the correct strength is critical to the durability of the concrete and your budget. If you choose a strength far beyond what is necessary for the project, then you end up with concrete that will last for centuries, but you will also be paying far more than necessary. The consulting engineer will specify the strength required for the project, but if you are doing everything yourself, we’ll be happy to assist with the calculations.

The rating system for strength by concrete suppliers is measured in megapascal (MPa) and is an indication of the compression strength of the concrete. It indicates the pressure, usually relating to weight, which can be applied to the concrete before it cracks or fails. The minimum strength for domestic projects is 20 MPa for floors and footpaths. Driveways and patios require a bit more strength at 25 MPa. For construction concrete, 32 MPa, 40 MPa, and 50 MPa are recommendations.

We also offer our concrete mixes in multiple levels of wetness, defined in the trades as a slump. Concrete with a high slump usually contains a fair amount of water and is easy to pour. A lower slump is necessary when the concrete slabs are poured and shaped at a slope. Note that the amount of water in the concrete mix must be within a defined range—otherwise, it will negatively affect the chemical reaction that gives strength to the concrete.


We Offer Cost-Effective Concrete Delivery To Ipswich

Mixing concrete is an art, and your supplier must understand this aspect when you order premix concrete. The concrete that you order must always be the same concrete that your supplier delivers, especially if you will use multiple loads in the project. We are passionate about concrete and always deliver our concrete freshly mixed, as it starts to set after 90 minutes and loses strength when poured.

We believe that it does not matter if you order one load or fifty loads: the price per load for a certain type of concrete should always be the same. This attitude allows us to offer the best concrete prices in Ipswich, as we do not practise price discrimination between homeowners and construction companies.

The ordering process for a load of concrete delivered to your yard or worksite is as easy as filling in a form on our website. All you have to do is choose how much concrete you require–we recommend adding 0.2 m³ as it is cheaper than having to order an extra mini-load–and state the strength and slump and any special aggregate. Inform us where and when you want it delivered and we’ll be there. We like a two-day notice period, but we can accommodate emergencies as soon as a truck is available.

Contact us if you wish to discuss special arrangements or require a concrete pump.