Material Placement Made Easy

Over the past few years, construction has become a booming business with demandexpecting to increase even more in the coming years. To ensure you meet the increasing demand, consider working with efficient and reliable concrete suppliers.

Ordering ready mix concrete from professional suppliers will ensure thatprojects don’t fall behind and avoids the risk of poor construction. Besides the choice of a concrete supplier, concrete contractors need to consider using efficient equipment in pouring and spreading the concrete.

Concrete pumps ensure fast and efficient concrete pouring. Overall, concrete pumps save you time, labor costs, and the overall cost of building. Thus, apart from considering lower concrete prices, you will want to consider the use of the right equipment to save money and time.

So, what is a concrete pump and how does it make material placement easy?

What is a concrete pump?

A concrete pump is a machine used for transferring freshly-mixed concrete to the location on a construction site where it’s needed. A concrete pump moves wet concrete to places where concrete mixer trucks cannot reach. The pump pours concrete quickly and accurately to reach over, under, high up, deep down below, and far away from the concrete mixer trucks.

How do concrete pumps work?

Skilled concrete suppliers in Brisbane control these concrete pump. The operator is in charge of driving the pump to the project site and setting up the pump. Consequently, the pump operator also controls the operation and position and directs the boom or hose to control the output.

There are two types of concrete pumps. Boom pumps are excellent for large construction projects and high-rise buildings due to the large volume of concrete they pump. Line pumps are ideal for smaller construction projects because they transport smaller volumes of concrete. No matter the obstacles along the way, concrete pumps will reach hundreds of meters or kilometers away from the truck.

Benefits of Concrete Pumps

  1. Quick and quality placement of concrete 

    Speed matters in construction projects. Concrete pumps mean no delays because they are simpler and faster. Concrete pumps also deliver the concrete without leaving spills and lumps along the way. Whether it’s on a high-rise building or for a foundation slab, a concrete pump is all about arriving on site and pumping concrete within the hourbecause the setup time for concrete pumps is very fast.

  2. Lower labor costs

    A concrete pump reduces the need for labor as less handling is required because concrete is placed directly at the desired location. Only a few people are required to distribute the concrete which saves money. It will also save time because there is a continuous flow of concrete to ensure that the employees don’t stop. This increases productivity which makes concrete pumping a cost-effective placement method for large and small concrete projects.
  3. Wider reach 

    Concrete pumps place concrete easily at inaccessible sites. Concrete pumps have been particularly transformative in high-rise buildings, enclosed buildings, over fences, and down steep slopes. This makes concrete pumps more convenient than the old mix and pours method.


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